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New Dawn 145 (July-August 2014)

The Emerging ‘Mark of the Beast’ System: Sleepwalking into the Surveillance Society
Looming on the horizon is the very real possibility, warns Steven Tritton, of mandatory human microchip implants.

Winning the War of Minds & the Battle to Control How We Think
Kingsley L. Dennis looks at how “reality” is deliberately engineered to work against conscious evolution and preserve social norms. But the opportunity is at hand for us to take back our power.

Rise of the Technocrats: Their Agenda Exposed
Are we being manipulated toward a grim future controlled by technocrats and based on the cold philosophy of materialism? Nick Parkins investigates.

Robert Monroe & the Science of Astral Travel
Frank DeMarco introduces us to the amazing life & work of the man who went beyond the limits of the physical world to pioneer the “out-of-body” experience.

Introducing Your Aura & Why It Matters
Darren Carville shows us why it’s important to be aware of the health of our Aura, or subtle energy body, and techniques to discover it yourself.

ONE: The New Tarot & the Secret Doctrine That Launched the Counterculture
Mark Walker examines the fascinating but little known adventures of the mystic and spiritual teacher John Starr Cooke.

The Cathars & Reincarnation
Do past-life memories uncovered by a psychiatrist tell us something about historical events? Richard Smoley explores the strange story of Arthur Guirdham.