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New Dawn 108 (May-June 2008)

The Beijing Games, Confucius & the Very Great US Depression
Former Australian diplomat Reg Little reveals how ancient Confucian principles influence modern China and what this means for a declining Western world.

Moon Wars: What is NASA Covering Up?
Philip Coppens looks at the ongoing controversy surrounding the US space agency and examines claims the Moon landings were faked.

The Gnostic Christ
Today, as more and more people question conventional Christianity, there is renewed interest in the Gnostics. Richard Smoley discusses the Gnostic view of Christ and how it offers profound guidance for the 21st century spiritual seeker.

Christ and Krishna
Religions the world over speak of times when God or the gods come down to Earth to teach mortals. Two of the most renowned of these are Christ and Krishna.

The “Bloody” Baron von Ungern-Sternberg
The 13th Dalai Lama proclaimed him a manifestation of the wrathful Tibetan deity Mahakala for his combination of mysticism and violence. Richard Spence tells the incredible story of the “Bloody” White Baron and asks was he madman or mystic?

Science of the Stars
Pete Stewart discloses the purpose behind ancient myths telling of the separation of Heaven and Earth, showing how we can rediscover this architecture of the spirit.

AIDS Genocide Exposed (Part 3)
In the final part of this interview, Dr. Alan Cantwell talks about the connection between bacteria and cancer as well as the pioneering work of Livingston, Rife and Reich.

The Financial Tsunami (Part 2)
Author and economist F. William Engdahl concludes his behind the scenes look at the financial meltdown, uncovering who is ultimately responsible and who benefits.