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New Dawn 156 (May-June 2016)

  • Technetronic Enslavement: Life Inside the Matrix of Control by Patrick Henningsen
  • Control 101: Creating Consensus Reality by Patrick Henningsen
  • Marc Star speaks to British author David Icke about our Hunger Games society, Transhumanism, the Phantom Self, & more
  • Converging Prophecy: Will 2017 be the Year Hell Breaks Loose? by Warren Aston
  • Who are the Controllers? by Mees Baaijen
  • The Conquest of Time: Can We Penetrate the Veil of the Future? by Nicholas Corrin
  • The Cocaine Mummies Revisited by Brett Lothian
  • Typhon Rising: The Magical Legacy of Kenneth Grant by Matthew Levi Stevens
  • The Strange Identity of Jesus Christ by Richard Smoley