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New Dawn 111 (November-December 2008)

Evolution of the Apocalypse
Empire’s Demise, Human Renaissance. American activist Carol Brouillet looks at the collapse of the US-led financial system and the opportunities it offers for a new beginning.

The Bad Samaritan
Behind the Lies and Cover-ups about the Man Believed to be God. Best selling authors Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince investigate Christianity’s hidden origins and the little known role of Simon Magus.

Credo Mutwa and the Alien Agenda
UFOs and Alien Abduction in the Eyes of a Zulu Shaman. Louis Proud presents the incredible story of one of Africa’s most amazing spiritual teachers.

The Problem with Paradigms
In Search of Earth’s Hidden History. John Gordon, author of a groundbreaking new book on Atlantis, offers a fresh perspective on humanity’s ancient past.

The Signs of the Times and the Time of the Heart – Part Two
In part two, Roger Woolger continues his discussion of the idea that we are now experiencing the end of a world cycle of historical time and the opportunities this gives us to truly heal and realise ourselves.

Men of Mystery
Raymond Abellio & Jean Parvulesco, Their Vision of a New Europe. Philip Coppens & Stephan Chalandon reveal the radical ideas of two of France’s ‘esoteric novelists’.

Arkaim: Russia’s Ancient City
Author Victoria LePage examines the connection between the ancient Russian city of Arkaim, an advanced Elder race, and the Arctic origin of civilisation.

Mercury Rising
The Life & Writings of Julius Evola. Gwendolyn Toynton on the controversial Italian scholar and philosopher, who more than 70 years ago analysed the spiritual and cultural malaise at the heart of the Western world.