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New Dawn 113 (March-April 2009)

The Captain Cook Conspiracy
Is the true history of Australia being covered up? Why do historians ignore solid evidence that Captain Cook was not the first European to ‘discover’ Australia? Greg Jefferys digs up the evidence that questions Australia’s official history.

Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews?
Why does peace in the Middle East seem unachievable? Veteran journalist Alan Hart reveals how Israel became its own worst enemy and a threat not only to the peace of the region and the world, but also to the best interests of Jews everywhere.

Solving the UFO Mystery
Moving beyond the familiar debate between the skeptics and those who believe UFOs are ‘nuts-and-bolts’ craft from outer space, American author John Michael Greer goes deeper to explore the role of popular culture in defining experienced reality.

Understanding Food Energetics
Food is more than simply fuel – it imparts a living wisdom that is beyond the science of calories and nutrients. Steve Gagné shows how to revitalise our connection to food and remedy our physical and psychic imbalances with the wisdom of food energetics.

Tesla vs. Einstein
The concept of the ether – known to the ancients as the subtle, spiritual essence pervading all space – is making a comeback. Marc Seifer looks at how this crucial idea led to a clash between two of the 20th century’s greatest scientists.

Secret Mysteries of the Sun Revealed
Teachings involving the power of the sun were part of the ancient mysteries, as well as Gnostic groups and secret societies. Wayne Purdon examines this history and reveals some of the teachings that constitute what he calls “the mysteries of the sun.” ..

The Return of the Elder Race
According to esoteric tradition, the Elders were a wise and powerful race that came from the stars to watch over humanity. Victoria LePage traces their hidden hand in history guiding humanity towards its true evolutionary goal – the fifth kingdom.