New Dawn Special Issue Vol.10 No.6


72 page magazine
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New Dawn Special Issue Vol 10 No 6

  • Our Mysterious Planet: Remarkable Cases of High Strangeness Defy Explanation in Our Scientific Age
  • Is Our Sun Conscious?
  • The Sun: A Universal Deity
  • When Statues Spoke: Wise Idols & Strange Oracles
  • A Twist in the Tale of Human Evolution: New DNA research Reveals Our ‘Lord of the Rings’ Antiquity
  • Aliens, Fairies, Shape-Shifters & Djinn Illuminated: An Interview with Rosemary Ellen Guiley
  • There is No Spoon: The Physics of Spoon Bending
  • Advanced Civilization in Prehistoric America: Ancient Immigrants, Lost Technologies, and Places of Power
  • Nat-Pwè: A Journey into the Magical World of Myanmar
  • The Mysterious Mind of the East
  • Monks, Siddhis & Superhuman Ability