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New Dawn 128 (September-October 2011)

The Elite Plan for a New World Social Order
A new global system is being imposed, warns political researcher and educator Richard Moore, and carbon credits are part of the agenda.

The Great Carbon Credit Deception

The Coming of Comet Elenin & the End of an Age
The 2012 Venus transit and the passing of comets in 2011 will have significant effects on Earth, says author Will Hart.

UFOs and the Search for Higher Consciousness
Consciousness researcher John White shows how the UFO phenomenon raises the question, what is reality and how do we fit into it.

The Money Ma$ter$: Behind the Global Debt Crisis
Adrian Salbuchi exposes how international bankers keep nations and individuals in debt bondage, and why the world is in financial crisis.

Future Science: Cracking the Codes of the Ancient Maya
By a process of extraordinary detective work, author and scientist Maurice Cotterell deciphers the codes of the Mayas to reveal long lost ancient secrets.

The Riddle of the Three Steppings of Vishnu
Freddy Silva looks at the amazing pattern of triangular alignments between landscape temples around the world and asks: is it the work of Gods?

Unlocking the Secrets of Reincarnation
Spiritism in Brazil. John Chambers explores the startling world of Brazilian spiritism with its unique practises, healing arts, and spirit mediums.

2012 & Human Destiny: End of the World Or Consciousness Revolution? Part 2
The Mayan prophecy indicates we’re at a critical crossroad facing either collective annihilation or an evolutionary jump in consciousness, explains Stanislav Grof.