New Dawn 163


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New Dawn 163 (July-August 2017)

  • The Golden Age of Social Engineering by David Thrussell
  • One Belt, One Road: The World’s Great Infrastructure Project by James O’Neill
  • Poisoned Planet & the Depopulation Agenda by Brett Lothian
  • Will Humanity Be Obsolete in Elite’s Future World of Cyborgs & A.I.? by Brett Lothian
  • Demographics & Destiny: Civilisation has been Down this Road Before by Dr. K.R. Bolton
  • The Goddess in the Machine: Restoring Intuition in a ‘Left Brain’ Dominant Techno World by John Nelson
  • A Coordinated Corruption: How the Hidden Hand Created a Modern Crisis in the Middle East – Part 1 by Marc Star
  • Ancient Highways: The Magic of Latitudes by Rand & Rose Flem-Ath
  • A Global Aboriginal Australian Culture? The Proof at Göbekli Tepe by Bruce Fenton
  • The Druid Code: Greg Moffitt in discussion with Irish writer & artist Thomas Sheridan Part 2