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New Dawn 137 (March-April 2013)

‘Education’: Paying to be Programmed
Are today’s schools nothing more than programming machines designed to implant certain perceptions of reality in the minds of students? David Icke shows how schooling suppresses creativity.

The Cashless Society Almost Here
And With Some Very Sinister Implications. Patrick Henningsen explains how new cashless currencies foreshadow a cashless one world.

Planetary Grids: Secret Patterns of Earth’s Sacred Sites
Hugh Newman introduces the astonishing grid system running the length of the planet that appears to have been known of by ancient civilisations.

Climate Change & Volcanoes: The Hidden Connection
History reveals that volcanic eruptions are intrinsically linked to massive climate change, argues Steven Guth. When can we expect the next big volcanic event?

The Fifth World – The Fifth Root Race
The Ageless Wisdom tradition tells of root races and new life streams suddenly appearing amongst humanity. P.M.H. Atwater says that such a time is right now.

Thought-Forms: Their Nature, Origin & Creation
Do you think you understand where your thoughts come from (and where they might go)? Brendan D. Murphy lets us in on some occult secrets.

The Inscrutable Madame Blavatsky
Richard Smoley interviews American writer & musician Gary Lachman about the pioneering 19th century spiritual figure Madame Helena P. Blavatsky.

George Adamski: A Herald for the Space Brothers
Jeffery Pritchett speaks with Gerard Aartsen, author of a new book on the incredible life and times of George Adamski, one of the biggest names in UFO history.