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New Dawn 146 (September-October 2014)

BRICS + 2B777 (MH370 + MH17) = WWIII? A Geopolitical Formula…
Adrian Salbuchi goes in search of conspiracies and cover-ups, asking the unasked questions about Malaysian Airlines Flights MH370 & MH17.

It’s Time to Unplug from the Matrix Before Our Brains are Totally Rewired
Daniel Taylor explains why we should be alarmed about a future society dependent on robots, and the rise in ‘digital dementia’ caused by technology.

Prometheus Unleashed? War Cycles, Peace Cycles
Darren Carville investigates the fascinating work of Prof. Richard Tarnas and a new approach to tracking future events.

Thoughtforms, Tulpas & Egregores
‘Beware of what you desire because you may actually create it’ warns psychotherapist and spiritual teacher Gary Duncan.

Not So Smart Meters: What You Need To Know
Theya Sussman provides an overview of the smart meter roll out across Australia, its ramifications, and the potential health impacts.

Space Weather: Its Effect on Human Health
David Hyde & Ben Davidson present little known research on the impact of solar and cosmic energies on human health & behaviour.

Intuitive Linked Communication: A Practical Way to Connect
Frank DeMarco introduces his remarkably simple system on how to communicate with minds across time & other worlds.

Secret Societies & The First World War
Michael Howard examines the once widely held notion that secret societies were behind the Great War.