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New Dawn 140 (September-October 2013)

Spying, Prying & Lying
The Rise of Global Digital Surveillance. Over the last three decades, warns investigative journalist Patrick Henningsen, an Orwellian digital spying structure has been constructed right under our noses.

Extended Minds
Mental Fields Within & Beyond Our Brains. You’ll gain a new understanding of your own mind and see the world differently after reading this radical theory presented by renowned scientist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake.

On the Edge of Reality
We speak to authors Colin & Synthia Andrews about their fascinating lives and a strange unknown ‘intelligence’ that is interacting with humanity.

Spaceship Earth
The Visionary Ideas of the Russian Cosmists. Richard Smoley interviews George Young on a little-known group of thinkers who were way ahead of their time.

Mystery Thailand
Monks, Magic & the Spirit World. Daniel Neiman investigates a country described as one of the most ‘occult’ places on Earth.

Windows to the Sacred
Occult Art in the Digital Age. Art is at the core of every esoteric movement in history, writes Robert Buratti, and even today this work manifests in new forms.

The Akashic Age: A New Dawn Rising?
We are at a cusp in our species development, a tipping point, explain Ervin Laszlo & Kingsley Dennis, pointing us to a new level of human consciousness.