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New Dawn 150 (May-June 2015)

The Mystery of Flight MH370: Looking for Clues in All the Wrong Places
Paul V. Young investigates the biggest aviation mystery of modern times. Was the aircraft the victim of a scientific experiment gone horribly wrong?

Global Trade Deals & the Struggle for World Control
What You Need to Know About the TTIP & TPP. Paul Carline exposes the immense corporate power grabs you’re not supposed to know about.

In the Trenches: The War for the Internet
There’s a high stakes war on for control of the Internet, warns Patrick Henningsen. Whoever wins, controls reality.

Poisoned Mind: Social Media in the 21st Century
David Thrussell explains how social media has devolved into a massive electronic trap designed to collect data and manipulate the masses.

Biophotonics: The Science Behind Energy Healing – Part 2
Katrin Geist continues her examination of the Biophotonics revolution, a major paradigm shift in redefining health and well-being.

Edgar Cayce: Ordinary Man, Extraordinary Messenger
Mitch Horowitz introduces the ‘sleeping prophet’ Edgar Cayce, regarded as the ‘father of holistic medicine’ and the founding voice of alternative spirituality.

The Enneagram & the Demise of American Exceptionalism
Darren J. Carville applies the ‘enneagram’ to the history of the USA, showing the nation today pivots on a cusp pointing either towards renewal or failure.

Freedom Isn’t As Scary As We’re Told
Gregory Sams reveals a history of civilisation without rulers, questioning why so many human affairs need to be directed by the firm hand of the state.