New Dawn 168


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Articles Inside New Dawn 168 (May-June 2018)

80 pages • A4 size • Full Colour Glossy Magazine
  • Is the Internet killing your Brain & Creativity? Will We Succumb to the Mindless Tech-Matrix? by Greg Moffitt
  • Spying Voice-Activated Assistants All the Rage by Jason Jeffrey
  • Do You Really Think Google is for Free? by Fred Dodson
  • Britain’s Chemical Weapons Plot Nudges the World Towards War by Patrick Henningsen
  • In a Changing Geopolitical Landscape Is Australia Prepared? by James O’Neill
  • What is Jordan B. Peterson Really Saying? by Gary Lachman
  • How to Purposefully Direct the Life Force by Dr. John R. Sedivy
  • Mass Awakening? by Shoshi Herscu
  • On the Harmonic Origins of the World: Sacred Number at the Source of Creation by Richard Heath
  • Predatory Golems: From Trauma Vampires To Psychopaths by Thomas Sheridan
  • From Death to Life by Nigel Kerner


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