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New Dawn 159 (November-December 2016)

  • Cleverman: The Paranormal Powers of the First Australians by Bruce Stringer
  • The Battle for Your Mind by Patrick Henningsen
  • The Lies of Our Times by Patrick Henningsen
  • Manipulating the Mass Mind & Attention by Fred Dodson
  • Reflections on the 2016 World Wide Wake Up Tour by David Icke
  • Natalie Sudman: Prophet of Another Reality by Richard Smoley
  • How Does Distant Healing Work? by Nicholas Corrin
  • Awaken in the Dream: Greg Moffitt interviews Dr. Rory Mac Sweeney
  • Messages in the Movies (Part 2) by Robert Guffey
  • Secret Science of Sacred Geometry (Part 3) by Alan Glassman