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Articles Inside New Dawn 184 (Jan-Feb 2021)

72 pages • A4 size • Full Colour Glossy Magazine
  • WEF 2021 & the Great Reset: Using the Fourth Industrial Revolution to Pre-Empt Public Revolt by Dr. Tim Coles
  • Co-opting Good Movements for Dark Motives: A Brief History of the Rockefeller Foundation by Dr. Tim Coles
  • Dystopian Great Reset – “Own Nothing and Be Happy” – Being Human in 2030 by Colin Todhunter
  • The Global Elite’s Plan for the Future: 4IR & the Transhumanist Endgame by David Thrussell
  • ‘The Open Society and Its Enemies’ by Mehmet Sabeheddin
  • The New Reign of Biopower: The Rise of Control-Biology by Kingsley L. Dennis, PhD
  • When the Universe Talks to You: Embracing the Power of Synchronicity by Frank Joseph
  • The Man Who Destroyed Scepticism by Mitch Horowitz
  • Frankenstein’s Brain & the “God Helmet” by Shelli Joye PhD
  • Meditations on Valentin Tomberg: Tarot, Spirituality, Mysticism, Hermeticism & the Occult by Gary Lachman
  • Australia’s Esoteric Heritage by Mehmet Sabeheddin
  • Secrets of Natural Antibiotics & Antivirals by Christopher Vasey
  • ‘Everything in this World is a Mixed Blessing or a Mixed Curse’ – Dr Stephan Hoeller’s Message on COVID-19 by Jason Jeffrey
  • What Happens When We Walk Barefoot on Earth


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