New Dawn 198


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Articles Inside New Dawn 198 (May-June 2023)

72 pages • A4 size • Full Colour Glossy Magazine
  • World War III Ends, And the Winners Are… by Patrick Henningsen
  • Smart Cities: Climate Control or Citizen Control? by Marie D. Jones
  • Smart City Case Study: Australia in Focus by Marie D. Jones
  • Exposed: London’s Secretive “Smart Stations” Roll-Out by Paul Cudenec
  • Escape from Samsara by Dustin Broadbery
  • Psychiatric Spirit Release & the Survival of Consciousness by Alan Sanderson, M.D.
  • A New Science of the Heavens: An Interview with Robert Temple by Richard Smoley
  • Philosopher of the Damned: The Pioneering Voice of Charles Fort by Mitch Horowitz
  • The Secret History & Modern Legacy of HP Lovecraft by Charlie Nash
  • Aleister Crowley & UFOs: Did Occultists Open an Interdimensional Portal? by Andrew Kim Arnett

New Endangered Species – The Human Gut Microbiome by Dr Joseph Mercola

Could mRNA Jabs Reduce Our Capacity for Self Actualisation? by Guy Hatchard

Run Toward the Roar by Michael Meade

The Robot Who Wanted to Be a Man by Charles Eisenstein


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