New Dawn 204


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Articles Inside New Dawn 204 (May-June 2024)

72 pages • A4 size • Full Colour Glossy Magazine
  • Weapons of Mass Deletion: Australia Joins Global Push for Online Censorship by John Stapleton
  • The Octopus Conspiracy: Secret Government & the Death of Danny Casolaro by Marie D. Jones
  • The Octopus Murders: Netflix Goes Down the Rabbit Hole by Marie D. Jones
  • Jewish Voices Condemn Israel’s Weaponisation of Antisemitism to Shield Genocide by Paul Gregoire
  • The Untold Story (And Violent Relevance) of George Orwell’s 1984 by David Thrussell
  • Jack Parsons & the ‘Babalonian Apocalypse’ by K R Bolton
  • Barbenheimer & the 3rd Law of Alchemy by Andrew K. Arnett
  • Goddess of Time in the Sky: The Forgotten Divine Science of the Female Priesthood by Richard Heath
  • Gardens of the Mysteries by Christopher McIntosh
  • RFK Jr.’s VP Pick Vows to Tackle Chronic Disease Epidemic
  • More Younger People Getting Cancer: What’s Behind New ‘Public Health Crisis’?
  • Why Smart People Believe Stupid Things
  • The Hare & the Tortoise: A New Look


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