New Dawn 205


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Articles Inside New Dawn 205 (July-August 2024)

72 pages • A4 size • Full Colour Glossy Magazine
  • Unveiling Dune: Exploring Secret Symbolism & Mystical Insights by Lesley Crossingham
  • The Octopus Conspiracy: Secret Government & the Death of Danny Casolaro (Part Two) by Marie D. Jones
  • Dangerous Truths: The Mysterious Deaths of Investigative Journalists by Marie D. Jones
  • Five Media Mind Control Strategies: How They Program You by Brendan D. Murphy
  • Death By Plasticide? How Microplastics Threaten Our Health, Organic Agriculture & Fertility by Marie D. Jones
  • Neuro-Warfare – Engineering Consent for a Totalitarian Future: The Global War on Humanity’s Mental Immune System by Michael Nehls, MD, PhD
  • From Pandemic to Plutocracy: The Rise of the Bio-Tech Industrial Complex by Thomas Fazi
  • Toward a Grand Unified Theory of Synchronicity by Ray Grasse
  • Voyages Beyond the Body: Unlocking the Secrets of Out-of-Body Experiences by Kenneth Smith
  • Envisioning a Better Hospital
  • The True Causes of the Chronic Disease Epidemic
  • “Killer Germs” Obliterated by Medicinal Smoke (Smudging), Study Reveals


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