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New Dawn 98 (September-October 2006)

Interrogating 9/11, Five Years On…
Five years after the events of September 11, 2001, Osama bin Laden is free, Iraq and Afghanistan have been invaded and occupied, and a so-called ‘war on terror’ rages. Nafeez Ahmed reviews the theories and evidence for a wider conspiracy behind the fateful events of 9/11.

Quest for Hidden Wisdom: An Interview With Richard Smoley
Richard Smoley, one of the world’s most distinguished authorities on the mystical and esoteric teachings of the West, talks about spirituality, the current state of the mystery traditions, and the background to the release of the new edition of Hidden Wisdom.

Israel’s Invasion of Lebanon
What are the causes and consequences of the latest war in the Middle East? What forces are working behind the scenes to overthrow governments and reshape the region?

The Evidence for Time Travel
Scientists have discovered artifacts and skeletal remains dating millions of years before the appearance of humanity. Where did they come from? How did they get here? Irish writer and lecturer Herbie Brennan asks are these anomalies the physical evidence of time travelers from our future?

A Hundred Thousand Year Old Civilisation?
Has science gotten it wrong about the Neanderthals? Colin Wilson gives an overview of the extraordinary findings of British researcher Stan Gooch who suggests Neanderthal man possessed a complex civilisation.

Cancer Quack or Medical Genius?
In the long history of cancer research there was never a physician more controversial than Virginia Livingston. Dr. Alan Cantwell examines her life’s work championing the revolutionary discovery of the germ cause of cancer – and its suppression by the medical establishment.

Rossyln Chapel – The Inside Story
Over the years a large number of fantastic claims have been made about the mysterious Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. Local experts Ian Robertson and Mark Oxbrow set the record straight, separating fact from fiction on the history and symbolism of this enigmatic church.

The Gnostic Revolt Against the God of the Old Testament
In this comprehensive essay, Mark Gaffney shows how in the first centuries of our era, Gnostic Christians overthrew the Old Testament god Yahweh and attributed the work of Creation to a lesser deity or demiurge, known as Ialdabaoth.