New Dawn Special Issue Vol.12 No.2


72 page magazine
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New Dawn Special Issue Vol.12 No.2

  • The Secret Space Programs: Biggest Cover-up of all Time? by Jason Jeffrey
  • Keyhole: Unlocking the Secret Geometry of the UFO Enigma by Will Hart
  • Hybrid Humans: Scientific Evidence of our 800,000-Year-Old Alien Legacy by Daniella & Bruce Fenton
  • The Intriguing Life of Andrew Tomas: The Mystic Who Chased UFOs by Paul Vernon Young
  • ‘Smithy’ & the Space Brothers by Jon Wyatt
  • Nazi Flying Saucers: Secret Signs of a Fourth Reich? Revelations from the Land Down Under by Mehmet Sabeheddin
  • A New Dawn for George Hunt Williamson: Ufology’s Neo-Mystical Pioneer “Off-the-Record” by Michel Zirger
  • Jacques Vallee’s The Invisible College: In Pursuit of Forbidden Knowledge by Jeffrey Kripal
  • Aliens: Extra-Terrestrial or Trans-Dimensional? by John Steadman
  • Wars of the Anunnaki: Evidence of Ancient Nuclear Conflict on Earth by Chris H. Hardy
  • The Dark Gods: The Shocking Truth about the Unseen Powers – Keeping Humanity Enslaved by Institute for Gnostic Studies