New Dawn Special Issue Vol.6 No.5


72 page magazine

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New Dawn Special Issue Vol.6 No.5

UFOs, the Government & Faking an ET Invasion
An Interview with Norio Hayakawa

False Flag Alien Invasion
By Dr. Steven Greer

Exopolitics: Preparing for Contact
By Dr. Michael E. Salla

The Greys & the New World (dis)Order
By Ed Komarek

Why Govt Disclosure of UFOs Won’t Help Us
By Whitley Strieber

Flying Saucers, Hidden Empire & the Secret of World Control
By Mehmet Sabeheddin

Roswell Revisited – There Were Two Crashes: Former CIA Agent & US Air Force Colonel Speak Out
By Jason Jeffrey

Our Real “War of the Worlds”
By Frank Joseph

A Study in Singularity: UFOs & the Future Trans-Human Prominence
By Micah Hanks

Unmanned Flying Objects: Will Drones Blur the Lines Between UFO Reports?
By Micah Hanks

Is Alien Entanglement Actually Quantum Entanglement?
By Diane Tessman

Saucers of Manipulation: Something Wants Us to Believe it is Extraterrestrial
By Nick Redfern

Stealing Warp Drive From the Gods: The Men Who Would Build ‘Prometheus’
An Interview with Jack Sarfatti