New Dawn Special Issue Vol.10 No.4


72 page magazine

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New Dawn Special Issue Vol.10 No.4

  • The Ancient Art of Memory & the Modern Science of Dreaming
  • FutureScience: Quantum Leaps & the Akashic Paradigm
  • Mind at the Centre: The Radical Liberation of My Mental World
  • Could a Million Monkeys Type the Secret of Life? – Quantum Physics Meets Mythology: Going Forward by Taking a Step Back
  • Sacred Plant Healing: Shamanic Medicine & the New Science
  • Ayahuasca & DMT: The Spirit Molecule
  • Antenna Theory of Consciousness
  • Playing the Master Game: The Self-Completion of Robert de Ropp
  • The Cycles of Time & the Birth of A New Consciousness
  • Magic & the Higgs Boson