New Dawn Special Issue 4


72 page magazine

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New Dawn Special Issue 4

The Mayan Calendar and 2012
Why Should We Care?
By John Major Jenkins

Aliens, Predictions & the Secret School
Decoding the Work of Whitley Strieber
By Louis Proud

Good Morning Galactic Day
Hopi and Mayan Prophecies
By Lesley Crossingham

Zecharia Sitchin & the End of Days
By Lesley Crossingham

Out with the Old, In with the Noo
2012, Timewave, Omega Point & a Touch of Chaos
By Chard Currie

Crop Circles
Messages From the TimeWave?
By Philip Coppens

2012 – Advent of the Supermental Earth
By José Argüelles-Valum Votan

The Mayan Code
Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind
By Barbara Hand Clow

Prophet of Hope
By Victoria LePage

The Age of Darkness
Prophecies of the Kali Yuga
By Gwendolyn Toynton

Decoding the Messages & the Cycles of Revelation
By Mehmet Sabeheddin