New Dawn Special Issue Vol.8 No.6


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New Dawn Special Issue Vol.8 No.6

Schwaller de Lubicz & the Symbolist Key to Egypt
By D.J. Carville

The Great Pyramid’s Missing Capstone: What Happened to it?
By Robert Bauval

Personal Reflections on The Mystery of the Great Sphinx
By Robert M. Schoch Ph.D.

How Did This Civilisation Begin? Egypt Before the Pharaohs
By Antoine Gigal

The Mystery of Nabta Playa: Finding Prehistoric Astronomy Deep in the Egyptian Desert
By Thomas Brophy Ph.D.

Dogon & Egyptian Symbolism: What it Implies About Human Existence
By Laird Scranton

Gurdjieff, Egypt, Immortality & The Ray of Creation
By D.J. Carville

Mr West, the Sphinx & Gurdjieff: “Only a gentleman fights for lost causes”
An Interview With John Anthony West

Egypt in the Western Occult Tradition
By Richard Smoley

Unveiling Isis
By Richard Smoley

Aleister Crowley & The Book of the Law: A Magical Encounter in Egypt
By Robert Black

Ancient Egypt & the Soul of the West: A Pathway into the Future from the Deep Past
By Jeremy Naydler Ph.D.