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New Dawn 105 (November-December 2007)

The End of Eden: The Comet That Changed Civilisation 3,500 years ago Earth encountered a massive comet. As a result, Graham Phillips argues, cultures the world over began to exhibit significant aggressive tendencies. A Pagan Christ? With the approach of Christmas, Richard Smoley, an expert on ancient mystery traditions, reflects on Christianity's hidden origins and the true meaning of the Christ. The Magus Was a Spy Dr. Richard Spence looks at Aleister Crowley's links with the British … [Read more...]

Forces of the Unconscious Mind: Exploring the Work of Stan Gooch

By LOUIS PROUD — In the first chapter of his fascinating book The Origins of Psychic Phenomena (1984), the British psychologist Stan Gooch explains that he used to smile when he heard, “for instance, stories of invisible ‘thought forms’ allegedly produced by Tibetan mystics and others.” He then adds: “I no longer smile at such stories. My own feeling, now, is that there may literally be no limit to what can be achieved by the human subjective mind manipulating and actualising itself in the … [Read more...]

A Pagan Christ? Reflections on the Real Christmas Story

By RICHARD SMOLEY — Strictly speaking, a pagan Christ is a contradiction in terms. The very concept of paganism was constructed by Christians who wanted to distinguish their faith from the old religion of Greece and Rome, which by the end of classical antiquity was observed only by peasants in remote rural areas – the pagani, or “country people,” or – to use words that are similar in tone – rustics, rubes, hayseeds. So there can be no pagan Christ. Paganism is all that Christianity is … [Read more...]

New Dawn 104 (September-October 2007)

The Speed of Life: Why Time Seems to Speed Up & How To Slow it Down Steve Taylor searches for the answer to this confounding enigma. A Way to Live: The Path of Self-Knowledge Richard Smoley looks at how we can experience a more meaningful life from the perspective of the Western mystery tradition. Esoteric Russia: How Occult Teachings Have Left Their Mark on Russia Dr. Stephan A. Hoeller reflects on the influence of magic and mysticism in Russia. Dostoyevsky and … [Read more...]

The Lost Lands of Mu and Lemuria: Was Australia Once Part of a Sunken Continent?

By BRIAN HAUGHTON — Lemuria and Mu are interchangeable names given to a lost land believed to have been located somewhere in either the southern Pacific or Indian Oceans. This ancient continent was apparently the home of an advanced and highly spiritual culture, perhaps the mother race of all mankind, but it sank beneath the waves many thousands of years ago as the result of a geological cataclysm of some kind. The thousands of rocky islands scattered throughout the Pacific, including … [Read more...]

The Speed of Life: Why Time Seems to Speed Up and How to Slow it Down

By STEVE TAYLOR — I’m six years old, in the car with my parents and brother, travelling back from our annual two week holiday in Conwy, North Wales. It’s dark and the journey seems to take forever. I lie in the back seat, watching the orange streetlights and the houses pass by, and wonder if we’re ever going to get home. “Are we nearly there yet?” I ask my father. “Don’t be silly,” he says. “We only set off half an hour ago.” My mum plays the ‘Yes/No’ game and ‘Twenty questions’ with … [Read more...]

John Perkins: From Economic Hitman to Shaman

By REG LITTLE — I remember John Perkins. He was a real jerk. A gold-plated, super-slick lying little butthole shill for corporate gangsters; a snake-oil salesman with a movie-star grin, shiny loafers, a crooked calculator and a tooled leather briefcase full of high-blown bullshit. – Greg Palast ( Despite Greg Palast’s spleenish dismissal from an earlier time, John Perkins has emerged as a spiritual, intellectual and political authority. He is an important leader of … [Read more...]

New Dawn 103 (July-August 2007)

The Real Secret of The Secret The inside story of Rhonda Byrne's hugely popular book and DVD The Secret. Richard Smoley uncovers what's really behind The Secret and explains how you can manifest your true will. The Lost Lands of Mu and Lemuria Was there once a lost land located in the southern Pacific or Indian Oceans? Brian Haughton, author of a recent book on hidden history, examines the story of Lemuria and asks, was Australia once part of this sunken ancient continent? Uru: The … [Read more...]

The Real Secret of The Secret

By RICHARD SMOLEY — The latest in the blockbusters of alternative spirituality is The Secret, now both a film and a book. Both have been huge successes. The film version has sold 1.5 million copies in DVD format, while at this writing in early June 2007, the book version of The Secret has been on The New York Times’s best-seller list in the US for “advice nonfiction” for twenty weeks, and currently sits on the top. No wonder. In breathless, gee-whiz language, The Secret’s Web site promises … [Read more...]

New Dawn 102 (May-June 2007)

Decoding the Psychic Roots of Illness Why is it that some people are more prone to illness than others? Patrick Obissier contends that not only does emotional stress lie at the origin of every illness, but that it is also possible to trace the root cause of an illness to our ancestors – their unresolved psychic distress can become part of the cellular memory we inherit. Remote Viewing Revelations From the US Military to the MoD It was recently made public that between 2001 and 2002 the … [Read more...]