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New Dawn Special Issue 6

Coming World Changes Dreams, Prophecies and Mysteries Everywhere people wonder, what does the future hold? What dramatic planetary changes can we expect in the coming years? Throughout history, prophecy has stood as one of man’s most mysterious powers. It is the foundation of most of the world’s major religions and belief systems. Only in the modern age of scepticism and scientific materialism did prophecy fall into disrepute, relegated to the outer limits of superstition and credulity. We … [Read more...]

Arkaim: Russia’s Ancient City & the Arctic Origin of Civilisation

By VICTORIA LEPAGE — Vast shadowy forces are moving in Central Asia – or rather in the greater region we call Eurasia – which may change the face of our global society and civilisation forever. Even as the balance of geopolitical forces is shifting inexorably in favour of the Eurasian superpowers – principally Russia, China, the Central Asian states and India – a new spiritual wind is blowing out of Inner Asia and its many hidden mystical schools, promising to sweep the new entente into … [Read more...]

New Dawn 111 (November-December 2008)

Evolution of the Apocalypse Empire’s Demise, Human Renaissance. American activist Carol Brouillet looks at the collapse of the US-led financial system and the opportunities it offers for a new beginning. The Bad Samaritan Behind the Lies and Cover-ups about the Man Believed to be God. Best selling authors Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince investigate Christianity’s hidden origins and the little known role of Simon Magus. Credo Mutwa and the Alien Agenda UFOs and Alien Abduction in the … [Read more...]