The Tao of Detox

Daniel Reid

Daniel Reid

Daniel Reid Discusses The Natural Way To Prevent And Treat The Toxic Assault On Our Bodies…


Daniel Reid is a leading expert on Eastern philosophy and medicine and is the author of several best selling books on various aspects of Chinese health, healing and traditional practices. His unparalleled ability to explain traditional oriental healing methods to the modern reader in ways that are both practical and easily applicable has earned him an international reputation that puts him in a class of his own.

In this interview with naturopath Huw Griffiths, Daniel Reid discusses his book The Tao of Detox.

Huw Griffiths: In The Tao of Detox you combine two extremely potent areas of interest that are current in contemporary society – the gradual, but seemingly inexorable integration of oriental philosophy and practices into Western lifestyle and culture together with the growing Western fixation with ‘Detox’. Until reading your book I wasn’t aware these two concepts were all that closely associated, yet your book presents them almost as two sides of the same coin. Is this just a clever and convenient way of presenting your ideas, or have the two concepts always gone hand in hand?

Daniel Reid: They’ve always gone hand in hand, but in my book, as in all my books, I do try to present any aspect of Asian culture in ways that are not only acceptable, but understandable to the Western reader.

Detox today is considered a very modern, a very new thing, and has developed almost to the point of becoming a fixation here in the West. You see the word literally everywhere and presented almost as if it’s a new discovery. Toxicity is the basic cause of disease, but this is ancient knowledge. Even in the West they knew this two hundred years ago.

A good example of current medical practice can be seen in Russia. If you go to a hospital in Russia for anything, whether it’s an in-growing toenail or a heart attack, the first thing they will give you is a colonic. The first priority is to start to get rid of all the built up, blocked rubbish in your colon, so that the body can start to function normally again.

I think I quote a sixteenth century TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner in my book: “If you want to be healthy, first clean the bowels.”

There are various ways of doing it, some systems use purging herbs, some like Ayurveda have elaborate detox methods using salt water that you drink, but the whole point is that tissue toxicity is the base root cause of discomfort and disease in the world today and has been known about for thousands of years.

Conventional Western medicine denies this direct link for the simple reason that when you detoxify yourself you essentially cure yourself and this would mean that there would no longer be any business for the pharmaceutical or medical industries.

What is happening to us today is ironic because we are doing it to ourselves. We’re being poisoned! The West’s food is full of additives, preservatives, pesticides, MSG, aspartame, you name it. There a hundreds of things that are allowed into people’s food and water. It’s disgraceful!

Everything that modern people put inside their mouths these days makes us ever more toxic. We consequently develop symptoms, discomforts and then eventually disease, for which they give us drugs then more drugs until it finally all gets too much and they pack us off to the surgeon for some sort of final solution.

Another example is what they do to our babies! Whether a baby is born in Australia or the US, within a week of birth they begin to receive a series of vaccines, some of which contain mercury or aluminium adjuvants. Now anyone who injects a new born baby with anything that has got mercury, or anything with heavy metal in it, is either a mad scientist or being unethical. At least when I was a child we got the shots when we were five years old. Now they get it within a week of being born.

Not surprising then that we have now got a pandemic of autism and brain damage in the US. I’ve known people who have had their babies die in their arms only eight hours after having had a vaccine shot, and the doctors just shrug and say ‘It’s just crib disease’, and turn away. They’ve just killed them!

It’s incredible that even the doctors are doing it to us. What I’m saying is that it’s really important Westerners pick up on these things and become aware. These foods and medicines are toxic and we should be switching to a more naturopathic, more Asian way of doing things.

HG: When the word ‘detox’ gets mentioned these days most people think in more physical terms, that is we tend to think more of purifying the body and not much else. Yet the ideas put forward in The Tao of Detox go much further than that. You talk of detoxifying the body, mind and spirit as if they are one inseparable whole. For many Western readers, accepting this concept must surely be a major challenge and for that matter a potential barrier to the adoption of some of the practices that you teach. Do you see these more esoteric aspects to detoxification as absolute needs or could they be treated as optional by the average Westerner?

DR: They can be treated as optional so long as the person who does it is prepared for the inevitability of the body needing to be detoxified again and again. But a major issue is an individual’s attitude to themselves, to their consciousness and the impact that this can have on their lifestyle habits. A person who eats so much that they weigh say, 750 pounds, is clearly destroying themselves. They have a mental problem, otherwise why would you do that to yourself?

The issue of addiction is an obvious example: alcoholics, drug addicts, smoking, people who get hooked on diet coke full of aspartame until they end up in a wheelchair. People in this predicament are clearly not enlightened, they have a problem of some kind, whether it’s an unresolved issue from their childhood or whatever.

Now people in this type of situation, and we’ve had plenty of people like this on our own programs, they tend to come back again and again. We clean them up, and then they come back toxic later on. We tell them, “Hey, you’ve got to get out of this habit, this relationship, this job, you’ve got to stop eating this food,” but very often they just don’t want to. So they go over the same steps again and again.

Now, with regard to this mind/body thing there is a very definite connection, but it’s very difficult to see the borderline between a person’s energy system and their physical body. But there is a tangible link between the two and it’s ‘Breathing’!

Take, for example, what happens when you sense fear. Your breathing takes on a certain pattern, then if you are really frightened it will make you pee your pants. Now, for fear, which is most definitely a mental figment, to suddenly make you evacuate your bladder clearly shows a connection between the mind and the body.

Similarly, when you get angry you get hot (usually under the collar) because blood is rushing up to your face from your liver and makes your face go bright red. These two examples are basic demonstrations of the effects of stress. Stress (which is mental) has become the bane of modern life and everybody who is under stress, without going into heavy detail, is essentially going to experience the fight or flight response. The reality is that the first thing that happens when anyone experiences a stress response is their immune system shuts down.

Therefore, people who put themselves under stress 24 hours a day, which is easily done, are basically running on no immune system and the ease with which people can escalate from say fear, to a stress response and then on to a heart attack is a major problem.

Mind and spirit ultimately hold the root causes of all our physical problems. Sure, you can keep fixing the physical problems if you can catch them in time by detoxing or whatever, but if you don’t do something about the root source, you are going to go right back to it all the time. It’s not going to go away.

HG: Is the need for detoxification reaching some sort of crisis point in the world today? In your book you mention many sources from which toxins emanate and eventually enter our bodies and you present rapid re-toxification as some kind of inevitability. Is the situation really that much worse than it was say ten years ago or are we just becoming more aware of the issues these days?

DR: OK! As to the answer to the first question about the crisis point… Yes! It really is that serious!

The main reason is that when you get toxic you effectively destroy your immune response, yet this is exactly what you need most when you get toxic. With your immune response down you are open to all these other diseases, the super germs and all the other things that are happening around the world.

Detoxification is absolutely essential to restore normal immune response and once you have done that your body has a chance to recover. But when people remain toxic, and today people really are toxic, there is no magic that can help them. They’re shut down.

As far as today versus ten years ago is concerned, ‘Yes, it’s much worse’. We’re at saturation level and it’s a matter of the amount of chemicals that are being used in the production of food and especially in pharmaceutical drugs, which is much more than was being used ten years ago.

We also have to now face another major threatening factor: electro-magnetic fields. These artificial fields, and even worse the microwave thing, cell phones themselves, the relay towers that are everywhere (in Australia by the way they are hidden in plastic palm trees so that you can’t see them). All these are far more serious and significant than anyone actually imagines. Just because people don’t see it, they don’t worry about it. The point is, and I have studied this carefully, microwave pollution and artificial electro-magnetic fields, which are all around us in computers, appliances, high tension wires, etc, are doing far worse damage to us than the damage being done by chemicals.

The radiation from these sources is there all the time, 24 hours a day, and all during that time your body is going through a stress response. You can’t see it, but it is there and causing a stress response in your body. What happens then is that your immune system shuts down, you have cortisone coming out of your adrenal glands and your whole system is in fight or flight response. This isn’t just once in a while, it’s all the time.

So people who don’t do things like Chi-Gung, or meditation or who don’t know how to calm down and switch themselves back into healing mode, are really falling apart fast.

So ‘Yes’, the situation really is much worse than before.

HG: There is a major and looming threat to global human health in general with the imminent ratification of Codex Alimentarius in 2009. Despite the fact that most people have never heard of Codex, let alone understand the impact that it is about to have on all our lives, it occurs to me that several of the detoxing nutrients, herbs and agents that you describe in The Tao of Detox may well be harder to obtain once it has passed into law. Or am I jumping at shadows here?

DR: If Codex is permitted to go into effect as it stands, most of the nutritional and detoxification supplements that I mention in my book will be either strictly prohibited or will become as illegal as heroin. Of the eighteen that will remain out of the three or four hundred that will be banned, these will only be available by prescription and in such ridiculously low doses that they will be therapeutically useless. They will also be made from synthetic sources and will almost certainly cost about twenty times what they cost today.

You won’t be able to get the things that really work and the few things that will be allowed will be next to useless. Everything that I write about in my books, the vitamins, minerals and other supplements, you won’t be able to get them. It all means that you won’t be able to take care of yourself basically. That is the whole point of Codex. It’s a shocker!

HG: The potential grip that Codex will impose on global society has accelerated and expanded at an alarming rate over the last decade or so. However, the main area of the ‘treaty’ that is most likely to impact us from a naturopathic standpoint is the drafting of the ‘Vitamin and Mineral Guidelines’ that was introduced in draft form in July 2006. In your opinion what exactly is it that represents such a large threat to our health freedoms as far as Codex is concerned, and who is likely to be most affected?

DR: Well, let’s get down to basics. If you look at the ‘Vitamin and Mineral Guidelines’, they have reclassified vitamins. Right now vitamins and minerals are considered to be food. That is why they are there in the regulations. Codex started the whole thing by reclassifying all pure nutritional supplements, the extracted ones, the B group vitamins, A, D and C, as well as herbal extracts for example, and have now defined them as toxins. Get that? Toxins!? I mean this is incredible, just incredible!

The rationale they use as a pretext for controlling them in this way is that they take the minimum daily requirement you currently have for any given supplement (which supposedly has a therapeutic effect) and they divide that amount by one hundred. So one hundredth of the current recommended daily amount now becomes the new level that is acceptable.

Therefore, if the accepted daily recommended amount of Vitamin C is considered to be say 100 mgs, they will be cutting it down to 1 mg and justify it on the basis that they are preventing the public from getting toxic poisoning from an overdose of vitamin C. They say that they must do this!

The next thing will be (and they’ve already started to do this) is to start brainwashing the public to accept this false impression by planting all these reports in the news media. You’ve seen it yourself, the headlines a short while ago that vitamins are bad for you, that they’re dangerous, that they cause heart disease, that they interfere with medicines, that they cause this or cause that. Of course they are all based on phoney studies and use vitamins that are synthetically produced instead of the real thing.

All this so that by the time the Codex axe falls on 31 December 2009, they’ll be hoping they have the public mainstream thinking that the governments are doing the public a big favour.

Protecting the public though, this is not the real issue at all. The real issue is that so many people are now fixing themselves with vitamins, minerals and herbs that it is cutting into the profits of the pharmaceutical industry, not to mention incomes of the medical fraternity and hospitals. People are demonstrating that they are sick and tired of taking pills that kill them.

The whole intention of Codex is to eliminate public access to natural health care so that the pharmaceutical and hospital industries can survive. From a commercial point of view vitamins, minerals and herbs cannot be patented, therefore they cannot be monopolised nor therefore controlled nor sold at highly inflated prices.

If they could be patented then they’d be legal and they wouldn’t have been included in Codex.

HG: Do you actually think that Codex will be eventually allowed to pass into law?

DR: It will be passed into law unless there is a public outcry. I’m 50:50 on it. The public everywhere, they don’t lift their heads from the feeding trough and they don’t see that they’re getting screwed.

It could very simply be stopped by people simply calling or emailing the people that they vote for and saying, ‘if you don’t get rid of this I’m not going to vote for you again’. Any politician normally has one priority, which is to get re-elected. Most politicians by the way, I’ll guarantee this, at least nine out of ten, have never heard the word Codex and it’ll be the same in the US Congress. Never mind the public, the politicians don’t even know what is going on. They have to be informed, the public and the politicians.

Magazines like New Dawn are doing a big service that way. If enough people find out what is happening in the mainstream public domain then they could change things. As things are in the process of being changed things could definitely be stopped, but once it becomes law it becomes an issue of trade organisation and that means if a nation decides to ignore one of the conditions of Codex, then global trading organisations will effectively be able to impose trading sanctions.

So, if it comes in we’re really going to be screwed, but it’s very easy to stop, simply by raising public awareness and a call to action.

One thing that I do know though is that if it’s allowed to happen, then you will be walking into your favourite health food store on 1 Jan 2010 and there will be nothing of any nutritional value left on the shelves.

What food there is will be irradiated with gamma rays and genetically modified food will no longer be required to be clearly identified and labelled. It really will be hitting food in a major way. Meat, for example, will be regulated so that it will have to have the requisite dosages of antibiotics and steroids in it. This is genuinely a serious matter and once it’s in place we are not going to be able to get what we really need in order to be able to take care of ourselves.

Codex, which has been under development since 1962, has never been intended for the good of mankind!

The entire concept was developed by a German industrialist by the name of Farben (who was also the guy who developed mass fluoridation programs on the basis that if you dumped fluoride into the public water supply system you could pacify large numbers of people). Farben who had headed up one of Nazi Germany’s major chemical companies, following his acquittal at the post-war Nazi trials, got together with a bunch of other industrialists and came up with this idea that if you could control public access to food and medicine you could control the world. This is the thing about Codex: it was always meant to be for the benefit of the corporations and was never intended to protect the public. Never!

So that was the way it was started, except it wasn’t publicised that way. It’s been a bit like the way the war in Iraq was publicised as good for us, all part of the bullshit!

HG: And how would the so-called Third World be affected by Codex, because the implications of what you are saying is that the lives of millions of people living there might be about to be seriously threatened? Or am I letting my imagination run riot here?

DR: The real agenda here, apart from ensuring that the Western public is forced to use products produced by the industrial pharmaceutical and food interests, is best answered by quoting Henry Kissinger in a speech to the Bilderberger Group about ten years ago. He referred to people in the Third World as ‘useless eaters’! These words have now become quite commonly quoted, but it was Kissinger who first came up with them. You can only assume that what he meant was that they were consuming a lot of the world’s food and that they are useless. Useless to whom? To the white West, to the Anglo-Saxon empire, I have no idea, but the expression was absolutely indefensible!

In the Third World, in Africa, India and the Middle East, the people there are already on the very edge as far as immune response is concerned. They’re very toxic and they’re getting dumped on with pharmaceutical drugs that can’t be sold in the US, and for which no prescription is required.

So there are millions of people who are on the edge in the Third World. If you eliminate all sorts of nutritional supplementation, not only as stand alone supplements, but as nutritionally buffered food such as flour and rice that is fortified and then sent to famine stricken regions, then you effectively eliminate these people’s access to nutrients. So who is going to be affected the most? The people who are already on the edge.

Millions, even billions of people, will die as a result of Codex due to nutritional starvation and toxicity because there will be no more basic nutrition in what is left of the world’s food supply. So yes, it will affect the Third World a lot and when you look at who started it, the head of Farben, and you look at who has further pursued it, the likes of Kissinger, it makes you wonder what their real agenda must be!

You will still see food being sent to trouble spots around the world, but the food supplies will be as much good as plastic or sawdust after the introduction of Codex. The world’s media will still be showing pictures of food relief going to help all those people, but it will be useless and they’re going to die anyway. Enough on that!

HG: Daniel, I’ve really enjoyed our chat and I didn’t mean to distract our discussion away from your book, which I found to be not only an excellent read, but a highly practical manual for survival in today’s toxic world, but I know that you have a strong and dedicated interest in what is going on with Codex and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to get your views on it.

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HUW GRIFFITHS is a British-born naturopath who came to Australia in the early ‘90’s. His interest and passion for natural and traditional health therapies was developed and nurtured alongside an international career in marketing and communications. He lives in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and can be contacted via New Dawn magazine.

The above article appeared in New Dawn No. 102 (May-June 2007).

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