New Dawn Special Issue Vol.9 No.2


72 page magazine

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New Dawn Special Issue Vol.9 No.2

Conversations with My Father: Wisdom from the Supersensible World
By Beth Verity

Adventures on the Island of the Supernatural
By Bruce Stringer

Ghost Month in Taiwan
By Bruce Stringer

Throwing the Stones with a Cuban Santería Priest
By David Beres

The Philosophy of Orisha Worship
By Ócha’ni Lele

Magic in Mind: The Art of Conjuring
By David Conway

Are You Illuminated?
By Phil Hine

Reptilians ’R Us
By Donald Tyson

Alchemy: The Art of Transformation – An Interview with Cherry Gilchrist
By Richard Smoley

What is Alchemy?
By Richard Smoley

Magic in the Bible
By John DeSalvo

The Nightmare World of Austin Osman Spare
By Emma Doeve

Sigil Magic: Manifesting Your Desires
By Rev. Gary W. Duncan

Paul Foster Case: Maestro of the Tarot & Holy Kabbalah
By Steven Tsaliki