Polar Inversions & Other Cosmic Catastrophes

From New Dawn Special Issue Vol 11 No 3 (June 2017)

The great George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff taught that even though our brains and minds may ‘wake up’ every morning allowing us to function as social beings, that in no way means we are truly Awake in a philosophical and spiritual sense. ‘Waking up’ every morning only means we continue in our social roles as in a ‘wakeful dream’. A fact that becomes painfully evident whenever we come to terms with the vast and deep unknown of the Collective Psyche and its impingement on each of us.

Often, the dreams we have when our bodies are asleep may be construed as metaphors of how the psyche tends to represent deep truths and feelings in rather simplistic, even literal ways. If we’re about to venture on a hard and perilous journey, we won’t be surprised if the night before we have nightmares of horrific airplane, ship or bus accidents, of any manner of physical misadventure. If when awake we watch a movie about a great and fearful fire, we may that night have nightmares of being trapped inside a flaming house… In short, dreams are often literal, childish renditions of far more complex matters churning in our minds or deep inside our souls.

Ages Come; Ages Go

We all dream as individual, social persons, but we seldom ask if we might also dream as a race? If we do, how long do those collective dreams endure? If individual dreams last one night, do collective dreams go on for whole decades, a century, or even a millennium?

Just as individual dreams may be triggered by everyday experiences, worries and angst, are collective dreams governed by more subtle long-term forces of a more genetic, even cosmic nature? Does such collective dreaming impinge upon the individual psyche, becoming potential untapped sources of perilous and primordial forces and group experience, and if so, how may we tap into them?

Today, people live longer than our forebears. An average person in the West may live 75, perhaps 80 years, less for people in other regions of the world. Interestingly, if modern man lives on average, say 72 years, that is equivalent to one degree (i.e., 1/360th) of a Great Year or Platonic Year of 25,920 years (i.e., 72 years x 360 degrees = 25,920 years).

Which brings us to the transitional upheavals upon our Collective Psyche today, as the end of the Platonic Month or ‘Age’ of Pisces draws nigh. This period also marks the end of an entire Great Year in the 25,920-year ‘Precession of the Equinoxes’ cycle, as we transit into the next 2,160-year period, or ‘month’, as the Sun rises at the vernal equinox with the constellation of Aquarius as stellar backdrop.

Yes, we are transitioning into the so-called ‘month’ of Aquarius, symbolically marked by the Water Bearer, Ganymede,1 and its astrological opposite, Leo, the Lion. Back in the 1970s, the Hippie culture sang hymns to the dawning ‘Age of Aquarius’, naively believing the Aquarian archetype of the New Age would be filled with light, joy and happiness. They did not realise archetypes are ambivalent psychic beasts. Whilst you may wishfully think you are on its ‘light-ward side’, with the shining Sun above and the archetype at your feet, instead you might unwittingly – and far more likely – find yourself beneath the archetype: in its shadow, with all its darkness, gloom and confusion.

Even now, as Pisces wanes and Aquarius waxes, the human race seems trapped on the ‘dark side’ of both archetypes, with their darkest shadows covering our world in blackest night.

During these cosmic transitions, which impact the collective psyche, the dawning Platonic Month activates deep-rooted archetypes in the Collective Psyche. At the same time, the ‘used up’ waning archetypes plunge into slumber and deactivation, as the ‘dying’ month falls ‘asleep’ below the horizon.

No one human being can actually experience these long-term changes because they literally span thousands of years. However, we can see them reflected – as in the wall of Plato’s Cave – in collective symbols, social paradigms and human behaviour as they ‘dawn’ and ‘wane’.

The now waning Age of Pisces grew strong and powerful at the start of Christianity, two millennia ago, as the Trinity and Crucifixion resonated age-old archetypes – the Father-Mother-Son Triad, the Hero-Avatar, the sacrificial Cross or Yggdrasil Tree – and spontaneously linked it all to the Piscean fishes. Christ miraculously fed multitudes with baskets filled with fish, followed by His fishermen Apostles, walked on the Sea of Galilee, marking His clandestine fish symbol – ICHTHYS – deep into the catacombs of the Western psyche. Pisces, in turn, was balanced by its astronomical counterpart Virgo – the Virgin Mary/Isis – acting as a flywheel.

In spite of its present decadence and materialistic rationalisations as a worldly institution, unworthy today of its luminous ancient roots, the Roman Catholic Church has nevertheless stood its ground on the profound significance of this cosmic symbol. Today, it continues to uphold the Pisces-Virgo Axis, something Protestant sects abandoned half a millennium ago, severing links to these subtle vital cosmic forces.

When speaking of Platonic Months, we speak not so much in terms of physical sequential time – i.e. Chronos – but rather in terms of sacred time, Kairos: significant and meaningful points in time. Thus, the ‘end’ of Pisces and ‘beginning’ of Aquarius carry no specific date in chronological time. Rather, we are dealing with an imprecise, complex overlapping as one age gives way to the next and powerful forces are suddenly unleashed, as if both ages were psychic ‘tectonic plates’: long silent until sudden cataclysmic upheavals unleash psychic earthquakes shaking the collective unconscious!

Some constellations of the Zodiac occupy large swathes of sky whilst others are more modest by comparison. Accordingly and true to Kairos, the Zodiac is not a mathematically exact definition of a specific geography in the heavens centred on the sidereal equator; much more it is a symbol, an anagram, a reflection of earthly matters in the sky (and vice-versa), and as such no causal relationships exist – nor indeed need be found or ‘scientifically’ proven – between human affairs on Earth and the imagery of signs and shapes Man projects upon the heavens by literally ‘joining the dots’ in the sky, something he’s been doing for thousands of years.

Rather, we should think in terms of Carl Jung’s synchronicities: certain events have no direct causal link, but project ‘meaning’ for us in our individual and collective life experiences.

Thus, if you’re born a Pisces, Leo, or Scorpio, people around you will notice certain traits, patterns, tendencies and attitudes that somehow ‘fit’ the way Pisceans, Leos or Scorpions behave. Understanding and nurturing these meanings is more of an Art than a science. Seek no elusive Cartesian causal links, because none are to be found. That’s how synchronicity works: qualitative leaps towards a higher order of things, which in its jagged and labyrinth-like trajectory are not concerned with sequential logic.

We thus dive deep into the sacred realm of Meaning and the deep-seated mystery of Becoming, where archetypes, synchronicities and Platonic Months are the compasses that ensure we do not lose our way.

Worlds in Collision

In this train of thought, there is deep-seated lore pointing to ‘polar inversions’ taking place over eons of time. In its materialistic interpretation, they seem to resolve in End Times, when Earth’s poles switch place. Proponents of this theory claim the planet performs some sort of somersault on its own axis leading to all manner of geological catastrophes bringing ghastly fire and brimstone raining upon all of us, 200-metre tsunamis sweep across continents obliterating cities and lands, killing billions of people and flattening civilisation.

That’s the History Channel version, which does naught but reflect American materialism gone ballistic as Hollywood makes millions of dollars cashing in on ‘Coming Catastrophe Syndrome’. Especially after the 11 September 2001 False Flag event, with that overpowering vision of the two mighty Twin Towers collapsing free fall into their footprints in just eleven seconds.

Rather than explaining the otherwise unexplainable (save for Deep State conspiracies), Hollywood plays on our irrational anguish, delivering to the masses nightmarish catastrophe after catastrophe, explosion after explosion, cataclysm after cataclysm, unleashing and tapping into deep-seated collective psychic forces. Is their hidden agenda to prepare us for even fiercer False Flag events? As wizard’s apprentices, they may also unleash terribly dark forces that feedback from the collective psyche into the physical world of climate, war, violence and real tectonic plates slipping one into the other. A real case scenario of Velikovsky’s ‘worlds in collision’!

Polar Inversions

As the Great Year draws to the end of its current cycle, the ‘polar inversion’ we’re already seeing might be a mutually influencing synchronistic ‘dance’ emanating from Man’s collective psyche. Mankind is coming fast to understand that the present Western-dominated civilisation has come up against an inescapable dead-end.

Those usurping all the wealth and power of the world do so at the cost of raping our planet of its resources. They destroy people’s psyche by levelling them into mental slavery, poverty, humiliation and death. All at an alarmingly fast pace, spinning ever-faster like a drain down a cosmic sinkhole. While billions exist in a ‘hell-on-earth’, a tiny minority harness technology to their service, preserving a status quo that allows them to retain and steal more and more of the world’s resources.

Who are ‘they’? This clique has been called various names: the Establishment, the Elite, One-Worlders, the Controllers, the Globalists… As a researcher into global geopolitical power structures, I prefer to simply call them the ‘Global Power Elite’ (GPE): ‘Global’ because they have planet-wide reach and mismanage the world instead of preserving this beautiful planet belonging to us all; ‘Power’ in that they illegitimately usurped almost all the world’s material power – economic, financial, media, social, military, intellectual – hijacking it to serve their selfish objectives; and ‘Elite’ (even though they do not deserve an aristocratic description) in that they are an illegitimate ruling class.

To date, their power base is mainly in the northern hemisphere, structured into geographically small, dense and highly focused power nodes or centres they call ‘major cities’: New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Chicago, Paris, Mexico City, and Bombay, spinning like a runaway merry-go-round, particularly their virtual, vampire-like parasitic financial system. These nodes have spilled southwards too: Sydney, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires.

In part, this evolution is easy to understand considering 68% of Earth’s landmass lies north of the equator whilst only 32% lies south of it. That 71% of our planet is underwater makes the 29% landmass quite crowded, especially in the north.

This overcrowding is one of the GPE’s main concerns, potentially impacting them, and they seem to be taking evasive action as discretely as possible. The northern hemispheric crisis includes growing geopolitical dangers facing Europe, the Middle East and other regions of the north, where the largest countries today are the Russian Federation and China, neither of which are in the least bit willing to share their huge landmass with the GPE.

A geopolitical imperative noted over a century ago by British geographer Halford Mackinder holds that the vast Eurasian region is the ‘Heartland’, and whoever controls it controls the ‘World Island’ and thus the entire world. Today, the ‘Heartland’ is firmly under the control of Russia and its Asian allies: China & India. The US, UK and the European Union, where the GPE is based, understand their weakness all too well.

For centuries, the UK and the US have had an insular geopolitical strategy. Not only is Britain an island, but in geopolitical terms the US can be likened to a giant island with only a small connection to its South American ‘backyard’ through the Isthmus of Panama. The US and UK have made strenuous efforts to ensure no one country should control the ‘World Island’, using a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy, whether against Napoleon, Hitler or Stalin.

The nightmare for the GPE is as follows: what if Russia, which is rediscovering its soul after shrugging off seventy years of foreign-imposed Bolshevism, joins forces with Germany, once that country too finally frees itself from US occupation? [Germany is home to the largest US airbase outside North America.] Imagine such a phenomenal geopolitical alliance: Berlin-Moscow-Beijing.

“Go South, Young Man…”

The GPE are looking further afield for new lands and places of conquest, migration, refuge and re-settlement: Earth’s landmass lying south of the equator. This is roughly two-thirds of South America, one-third of Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and a myriad of island and island-states in the south Pacific, south Atlantic and Indian oceans… plus mysterious Antarctica!

In South America, the GPE have financed puppet governments in all its weak, nominally ‘free and democratic’ countries. They’ve purchased gigantic swathes of land for their private use, or corporate control if they sit on the oil, gas, minerals, potable water and arable soil. The writing is on the wall.

There are clear signs the northern hemisphere will soon be impacted by uncontrollable turmoil: political, financial, physical, and environmental. Our Southern Lands hold the key to survival for them. They are thus increasingly transforming their financial – virtual – wealth into economic – concrete – wealth, centred on land ownership and control.

Major moves can be seen on their ‘Grand Chessboard’: the breakup of the European Union, the demise of NATO, the exhaustion of oil, the re-invention of the British ‘Empire’ after Brexit (where Britain reverts to ‘Imperial Mode’, as recent sabre-rattling with Spain over Gibraltar shows), the collapse of the US Dollar through hyperinflation and of the Euro through political break-up.

Yes, it’s true. The GPE are making furious plans to mitigate the impact of the Armageddon syndrome on them. Hollywood described this in their blockbuster film 2012, alluding to a so-called ‘Mayan Calendar’ prophecy of planetary meltdown on 21 December 2012. But – alas – nothing happened! End Times, pole shifts and Age transitions don’t work that way. Maybe the GPE cannot fathom anything outside their materialistic sequential thought patterns and paradigms. For them, everything has a fixed ‘due-date’ as if there’s always some fancy report or financial sheet that needs to be ‘submitted by…’ They seem to be scared frozen, not understanding that this time it’s not about money – and that leaves them totally helpless.

When South Becomes North

A Pole Shift actually points to where the Light of Mankind will shine from. The most Ur-ancient lore of the Indo-European tradition says we incarnated into this planet from God’s Cosmos through a point in coldest, darkest and farthest north. Greek poet Pindar nailed it when he wrote of “Hyperboreans.” The Indian mystic Bal Lokmanya Tilak wrote of these ideas in his book The Arctic Home in the Vedas.

As the eternal light of spirit becomes brighter and brighter, emanating from the South, the Arctic ‘cosmic door’ will ‘close’ and become darker and darker in spiritual terms, as the southern Antarctic door ‘opens’. The coming battle is not to save the North, but to give birth to the South.

Only this time, the ‘rules of engagement’ are very different: the South has a plentiful landmass in Antarctica which the North lacks, a fact clearly understood by the GPE as reflected in their renewed interest in Antarctica, for ‘scientific purposes’, of course.

Their mistake, however, is to consider this an egotistic blank check to wriggle their way out of history’s coming justice and their accountability for the disasters they wrought against Mankind over past centuries. They believe they can use their wealth and gold to buy up the tastiest chunks of Patagonia, Amazonia, the Pampas, New Zealand, Australia, even Tasmania, and, of course, consolidate their hold over Antarctica. This explains why they will never let go of their Falkland Islands enclave, and their control over the south Atlantic via Ascension Island, the south Pacific via Hawaii, and the Indian Ocean via Diego Garcia.

For them it’s a question of money, money and more money. Every time their sick pranks go into self-destructive overdrive, as their banking system did in 2008, they organise to dump all their toxic financial waste onto the working people, giving it a smart-sounding name like ‘subprime crisis’, ‘financial cycle crisis’ and ‘quantitative easing’.

They make-believe these catastrophes are ‘not their fault’. No sir, it was just ‘business as usual’, as their media puppets painstakingly try to explain. Where ‘usual’ means privatising all profits for them, and socialising all losses by dumping them on ‘We The People’. It then becomes a sanitised problem of ‘financial-cycle management’, where global war is part of financial whitewashing and ‘reconstruction’. If 10, 20 or 30 million die in the course of any one of these ‘cycles’, well… you know the explanation: it’s business-as-usual’s ‘collateral damage’. This time, however, they know only too well that the upheavals will be of a titanic nature. Most worrying for us Southern Peoples is they are coming this way. Make no mistake, the next ‘global reset’ will not be an orderly and peaceful experience.

We Hold the Key

We understand what it’s all about. It’s not about money; our war is not money-based. It’s about understanding and awakening. It’s about establishing the foundations of a New Society on a different set of pillars. It’s about becoming attuned to the cosmic nature of our planet. It’s about understanding and listening to the music of our planet which is exuding a new song as its melodies echo into the Heavens, announcing a New Sky, for the old sky shall be no more. It means shedding fear and understanding that mind-slavery and taboos – like the Orwellian ‘2 + 2 = 5’ – are outright lies.

Perhaps what failed to save the North will now re-awaken in new spirit in the South, in a totally different garment, one aligned to our Southern lands, winds and our peoples’ different origins. Eternal archetypes flourish here with a different flavour, aroma and melody. That is our greatest challenge: to understand the next step in Man’s cosmic evolution, and to take that step boldly and without wavering. For as the Australian poet Henry Lawson wrote, “The South must look to the South for strength in the Storm that is to Come…”

This article was published in New Dawn Special Issue Vol 11 No 3.
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1. Ganymede was the loveliest born of the race of mortals. The Olympian “gods caught him away to themselves, to be Zeus’ wine-pourer, for the sake of his beauty, so he might be among the immortals” (Homer, Iliad, Book XX). A model for the ancient Greek social custom of paiderastia, the socially acceptable erotic homosexual relationship between an adult male and an adolescent male; Ganymede poured wine for Zeus. No wonder the age-old homosexuality archetype is waking up today!

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