New Dawn Special Issue Vol.11 No.3



New Dawn Special Issue Vol 11 No 3

  • Prophecy, World War III & Visions of the Future: An Interview with ‘Rogue’ Scholar John Hogue
  • Michel de Nostradamus: Fraud or a True Prophetic Savant? by John Hogue
  • Ancient Prophecies Modern Reality?
  • Polar Inversions & Other Cosmic Catastrophes by Adrian Salbuchi
  • Doctor John Dee: The Dream of Empire, The Nightmare of History by Matthew Levi Stevens
  • Dropping the Mask: John Dee & The End of Days by Emma Doeve
  • The Timeless Mystery of the Count de Saint-Germain by W.A. Harbinson
  • Gods of the Runes: Restoring the Original Norse Divinatory System by Frank Joseph
  • The Runes: Ancient Norse Keys to ‘Time Travel’ by Frank Joseph
  • George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff: The Spiritual Magician from the East. Interview with Tobias Churton
  • The End of the Kali Yuga in 2025: Unravelling the Mysteries of the Yuga Cycle by Bibhu Dev Misra
  • A Prophecy for Our Time? by Mehmet Sabeheddin
  • The Dawning Aeon of the Child: Personal Thoughts & Reflections by James Wasserman
  • Living at the End of an Age by Dr. K.R. Bolton