The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right: From JFK & Russiagate to COVID Jabs & the Great Reset

From New Dawn 197 (Mar-Apr 2023)

Once reviled and publicly excoriated, now vindicated. Who knew the proverbial tin foil would suddenly be upgraded to a state-of-art cultural mainframe and keeper of advanced knowledge.

In truth, the great unravelling has been unfolding for years, but it’s during the era of COVID that we’ve witnessed successive feverish waves of revelatory epiphanies, one after another, and before we knew it, the conspiracy theorists had been proven right.

Long regarded as a disparate and marginalised section of the populace, the tin foil hat community have finally reached the promised land – a veritable oasis of welcome respite from mainstream persecution.

But it comes at a cost: the red pill revelations are still deeply disconcerting, not least of all because of the stark realisation that we’re in the throes of a full-blown global fascist power grab – a lurid connivance hatched during the so-called ‘global pandemic’ and population-wide roll-out of the experimental mRNA gene-jab.

While the general public is slow to come to grips with the gravity of this new reality, the foils know the scale of the global tumult. To be sure, the implications are nothing shy of biblical, with the modest consolation being that alternative and independent voices have now been afforded a credible platform for exposing the perennial lies of governments and shadow state cabals, such as the World Economic Forum, the Bilderberg Group and the transnational pharmaceutical industrial complex.

The plethora of once-maligned but now validated conspiracies have effectively defanged the establishment epithet typically used to ridicule, defame and marginalise anyone accused of being a ‘dangerous’ conspiracy theorist – as if positing an alternative opinion or speculating outside the depressingly narrow constraints of the Overton Window de jour… was somehow dangerous.

Perhaps the late American gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson said it best: “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”

That hour is now upon us. Only the truly open-minded are equipped to navigate the maelstrom of baseness. This might be the golden age of conspiracies.

The disparaging label “conspiracy theorist” has been weaponised by authorities and mainstream media for decades. It turns out the term was utilised by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to ward off any challenge to the official story of what really happened on that fateful day on 22 November 1963at Dealey Plaza.

Ever since the Warren Commission concluded on 24 September 1964that an unlikely lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, assassinated President John F. Kennedy, authorities have used the term “conspiracy theory” to attack and discredit anyone proffering an alternative view of who might be responsible for that awful murder. In fact, the CIA practically invented the term – a shrewd but highly adept move by the American Deep State and detailed in Lance DeHaven-Smith’s excellent book Conspiracy Theory in America.1 Even back in the 60s, mainstream sceptics believed there was enough credible evidence to make the case that rogue elements in the CIA, FBI, and Secret Service, together with factions of the mafia and organised crime, had conspired to kill JFK. Then, one by one, dissenting voices were systematically slapped down with the newly-minted and powerful pejorative – that’s a conspiracy theory.

The lid blew off this ageing can of worms after Fox News host Tucker Carlson said the unsayable on US national television in December 2022. He announced that a credible government source, familiar with the trove of classified documents scheduled to be handed over to the National Archives, had confirmed to Carlson that the unredacted files contain evidence that the CIA was directly involved in JFK’s assassination.

Regarding the motivation for the execution, take your pick: the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, Kennedy’s hesitation in escalating the Vietnam War, or the controversy surrounding the acquisition of nuclear weapons by the State of Israel. It’s hard to pin it down to a single reason, but Carlson’s public admission is profoundly significant and maybe the first time in US history that a leading mainstream media outlet has dared such a bold reveal in front of millions of primetime viewers.

Interestingly, Carlson also exposed how Donald Trump’s former CIA Director and US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, was involved in blocking the release of this information. This is especially interesting, as Pompeo, the consummate Deep State actor, is preparing his candidacy for the 2024 Republican nomination for US President. At the very least, Pompeo will be auditioned for a Vice Presidential role, seemingly following in the footsteps of Dick Cheney and Joe Biden as Deep State operatives running clandestine affairs from Number One Observatory Circle in north-western Washington, D.C.

Tucker’s revelations didn’t end there. Early in the new year, he dropped a corresponding addendum to the JFK bombshell when he explained what many researchers suspected for decades – that the Watergate scandal which took down the reign of Richard M. Nixon, 37th President of the United States (1969–1974), was a coup d’état hiding in plain sight; a well-crafted distraction, courtesy of the intelligence community, designed to deflect from revelations that threatened to destabilise the Deep State.

Among other tradecraft secrets, this likely included the truth about the assassination of JFK, his brother Bobby Kennedy, and perhaps even Martin Luther King. All above Nixon’s ‘pay grade’ and security clearance. Tucker even fingered legendary investigative journalist Bob Woodward as an intelligence plant who helped orchestrate the deception.

More telling was that Tucker’s highly controversial comments went practically unchallenged by the mainstream media and its various gatekeepers, who never seem to miss an opportunity to shoot down anyone challenging the sacred cows of prescribed 20th-century history. In other words: that massive domino fell right before our eyes, but only a relative few seem to have understood its significance, for now.

Was this merely a glitch in the matrix, or is it more consequential than that? If the JFK and Watergate narratives collapse, what does that mean for the Establishment’s ability to control and moderate consensus reality? Are we, at last, witnessing the great unravelling happening in real-time? If these key dominos fall, what next? 9/11? 7/7?

Such a loss of faith on the part of the public could threaten the entire infrastructure of control. That is no exaggeration, either. It’s akin to Christian scholars rewriting the holy gospel. Our whole edifice of modern governance and authority is built on these paradigmatic narratives, cascading through time to form the lattice of future hierarchies. To tamper with the modern scriptures would be as disruptive to the control grid as a time traveller being hurled into the past (or catapulting into the future) and interfering with the delicate fabric of reality, only to trigger a paradox somewhere else along the space-time continuum.

Bond-like Plots & Epic Denials

Are we ready for a great awakening, having now been acclimated to outrageous Bond-level plots involving plans for world domination by real-life Blofeld antagonists?

Klaus Schwab & Ian Fleming’s Blofeld

Consider the World Economic Forum’s doppelganger for Ian Fleming’s Blofeld character from his James Bond novels: Klaus Schwab. His Great Reset masterplan for global digital enslavement and the A.I.-driven fourth industrial Brave New World aggressively pushed by the billionaire luminaries in Davos.

Schwab and Western governments blatantly attempted to use a contrived ‘global pandemic’ crisis and the vaccine roll-out to fast-track their program of digital enslavement. Schwab laid out his conspiracy in his COVID-19: The Great Reset manifesto in July 2020. What followed was every G7 leader taking to their respective pulpits adorned with identical backdrops emblazoned with the ominous globalist strapline and mantra, “Build Back Better.”

Truly remarkable and more than enough to send any self-respecting tin foil hatter fleeing to the hills with their bug-out bag, or at least into psychological paralysis.

Running concurrently with this Great Reset theme has been a massive media push to demonise meat and accelerate a new ‘zero carbon’ future to ‘save’ the planet from man-made global warming. Suddenly we have a global push to promote fake meat and celebrities promoting insects as a delectable protein replacement. Meanwhile, we see one report after another of food production and distribution facilities catching fire or being taken offline due to ‘random’ incidents. And quietly stewing in the background with the grin of a Cheshire cat is one of the planet’s wealthiest oligarchs buying up every available acre of farmland in North America and just happens to have cornered the market in ‘sustainable’ synthetic meat production.

If only the movie ended there. When it comes to nefarious Hollywood plots, how about a Malthusian tale of an evil elite cabal claiming to save humanity from a deadly virus, only to mislead the world’s population into injecting an untested genetic substance that ended up injuring and killing millions before plunging humanity into a global fertility crisis? How’s that for a wild conspiracy theory? It’s almost too horrific even to contemplate. The only part missing is Drax and his secret breakaway master race colony waiting out the calamity in upper Earth orbit. But, space colonies aside, the first part is pretty close to what’s already transpired since the COVID-19 drama began in early 2020 and a near-matching script to the 2004 dystopian thriller Children of Men.

It’s right there in front of our eyes, but how many people can see it? With much of the world languishing in a mental swamp of cognitive dissonance, it’s worth asking if the peculiar dot-connecting analytical dexterity of a full-blown ‘conspiracy theorist’ is now a prerequisite for survival in the 21st century. How else can one fathom what’s really going on?

Last Orders: Armageddon

As you advance down the gestalt of dystopian storylines, you will eventually arrive at World War III and the total annihilation of the human race following a thermal nuclear exchange between the US and Russia. It is the mother of all conspiracy theories, and the final chapter in any doomsday story, including the Book of Revelations, depending on how you read it.

Western society was practically marinated in this Armageddon story during the Cold War era. The well-worn plot line has been the subject of so many novels and films that we’ve almost been desensitised to it. In the modern context, its only true saving grace seemed to be the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD), which neutralised any Machiavellian motivation one side might have in believing they could gain the upper hand when wargaming a first-strike scenario. Cooler, rational heads would prevail, we were told. That was then, and this is now.

When scanning the playing field in 2023, it’s not easy to find those cooler heads anymore, at least not on the western side of this Orwellian Iron Curtain – especially amid a chorus of war hawks opining for an endless proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. Instead of seasoned diplomatic talk of de-escalation and negotiated ceasefires, we hear even more unhinged rhetoric, with cock-sure Western political leaders and mainstream media experts all doubling and tripling down on their stated pledge – to defeat Russia in Ukraine, destroy the Russian economy and oust Vladimir Putin from power in Moscow.

Subsequently, veiled and indirect threats of nuclear strikes have been going back and forth for the last year, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in high office willing to step up and calm the situation. Instead, we get more puffed chests and festooning following the recent sabotage of the Nordstream pipelines. While it’s glaringly evident that the United States and its NATO allies carried out the attack on the joint German-Russian energy infrastructure project, disingenuous politicos and media mavens play coy, pretending the rest of the world is as ignorant and aloof to the clear and present danger as they unfortunately are. Suddenly, oil and gas pipelines are fair game, and Russia’s national security interests are dismissed out of hand as the crazed ravings of an ‘autocratic Russian regime’. That’s international relations through the current Western lens – a dire situation indeed.

The outlook is so worrying that the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists recently set their Doomsday Clock to “90 seconds to midnight,” the closest it’s ever been to nuclear war in the organisation’s near 80-year history.

One can’t help but wonder how much of the Western animus towards Russia and enthusiasm for war is a direct result of years of priming the public with the official “Russiagate” conspiracy theory, which we now know turned out to be a wholly fabricated hoax. To this day, many Americans, British and Europeans falsely believe that Russia meddled or ‘interfered’ in their elections or that Donald Trump was put into office through some clandestine Russian military intelligence operation. Sure, it might have been total fantasy fiction, but enough people believe it, and that’s what matters.

The release of the Twitter Files further blew the lid off the cover-ups. Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, these files are going viral as new instalments show how Big Tech and the US government conspired to suppress, censor, and shadow-ban. Anyone on social media who went against the official disinformation storylines promulgated by the Establishment was tracked, censored, and ultimately de-platformed (banned from using Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube) by government agencies working hand-in-hand with Big Tech firms and third-sector intelligence cut-out operations like Hamilton68, Newsguard, and ‘fact-checking’ soft censorships cartels like the Trusted News Initiative and First Draft Coalition, to name just a few.

It’s ironic that with all the endless blathering about “extremist speech” and “dangerous disinformation” or “harmful conspiracy talk” online, the really dangerous conspiracy theories – the ones that threaten the safety and welfare of populations – are not found in the bowels of 4Chan or Reddit, nor on QAnon forums, or any alternative media websites, and certainly not in magazines such as this one. No, the real threat to life on Earth is the deceptive conspiracy theories and fake news pushed by governments and the corporate mainstream media. That’s right – the same crazed official narrative conspiracies mindlessly repeated by what they call ‘normal’ folk.

Something to think about when the missiles start flying.

Although, I sincerely hope that never happens.

Stay vigilant, and be sure to keep a fresh roll of foil in the kitchen drawer :-).

Long may the foils reign.

This article was published in New Dawn 197.
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1. Conspiracy Theory in America by Lance de Haven-Smith, University of Texas Press, 2014.

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