‘Chipping’ Humanity: The Global Power Elite’s ‘Product of the Future’

From New Dawn 139 (Jul-Aug 2013)

In recent years we have seen more and more science-fiction-like nanotechnologies integrated into incredibly tiny RFIDs (Radio Frequency Identification Devices). These devices can be embedded into a person’s body to serve as a Global Power Master controlling mechanism as they increasingly encroach on civil liberties, political freedom and peoples’ sovereignty everywhere.

Many people relate this to historically recurrent ‘End-Times’ predictions, such as the ominous prophecy in the Christian Book of Revelation. Others more pragmatically point their fingers at the total political and economic control the Elite intends to impose upon all of mankind.

Let’s do some mental Aikido and take a more Zen approach towards this problem. Yes, it is true that developments in these and many other types of technologies are moving at a highly dynamic, even frantic pace, making it harder to understand and cope with the changes they bring about and, more importantly, to identify the perils they entail in a correct and timely manner.

Every day we learn of some new micro-electronic wunderapparat unimaginable until yesterday. Some RFIDs are so tiny they can be implanted in the human body without us being aware of them; thus, beware of pandemic-scare induced mass mandatory vaccinations that could serve to slip one into you! We also have retinal scanners and other ID gadgets, remote controlled drones as small as birds and insects, and a myriad of snooping devices of every shape and kind.

I’ve Got You Under My Skin…

Frankie Valli sang this song when I was a teenager in the sixties: who would have thought that half a century later a rash might not actually come from a girlfriend you like, but from some RFID chip that – like it or not – someone stuck under your skin?

Luckily, the grave dangers of this are being understood by increasing numbers of people who rightfully perceive that RFIDs are not just technological wonders but tools for total control used by the Global Power Masters – and they need us to accept them ‘voluntarily’ even if with varying degrees of fear and misgivings. In other words, people must either be persuaded or forced into accepting them. Persuasion, of course, is the preferred road, but if that doesn’t work, well… we’d all better watch out!

Their mass propaganda – through movies, advertising, TV – instils into the brains of millions of people the voluntary acceptance of Radio Frequency Identification chips. They use swarms of different arguments all designed to convince us that chipping will make life safer, easier and more secure.

They tell us we won’t need to carry ‘stealable’ cash around with us anymore; that if we suddenly fall ill on the street or when travelling our full medical records will be right there on us for emergency medics to retrieve; and – think! – if your little child is late coming home from school, no need to panic: his electronic tag will identify his location for you…

In a truly mature, just, morally solid and intellectually balanced society, the mass application of such technological advancements could represent a true blessing. But in today’s world, this is at best naïve and utopian. We all know that the problem is not the technology in itself, but rather the inevitable development and application of the technology by the power elites to serve their demented goals.

Thankfully, people in every country are slowly waking up to the fact that over and above national governments – whether ‘democratically elected’ or not – there reigns a mostly unseen and immensely powerful global elite. It increasingly distorts the forces shaping society, mocks the genuine desires and expectations of decent people everywhere, and is bent on imposing its will upon all of us. They are, in fact, forging a veritable World Government right before our noses in which they and only they will call the shots.

Call it ‘New World Order’ or ‘Global Power Masters’ or ‘Mega-banker Cartel’ or ‘Illuminati’ or any other conspiracy flavour you prefer. We can sense it and catch glimpses of its dark shadow passing over key world events. If we listen very closely, we can even hear it whispering ideas and orders hither and dither to corporate CEO’s, national presidents, prime ministers, cabinet and parliament members, media moguls, and public & private officers in an immense variety of organisations and institutions.

Don’t Throw the Baby Out With the Bath Water

Right now there are two basic actions we can take:

(a) Resist implementation by the ruling power elites to enslave us, and

(b) Design socially constructive awareness-generating applications of these technologies.

We know the Global Power Masters would love to chip us all right here and now. Recently, a US Senate Republican High Tech Task Force praised RFID chip applications, describing them as “exciting new technologies… holding tremendous promise for our economy.” They vowed to “protect” RFIDs from regulation and legislation.1

When confronted with such challenges, we must first of all properly grasp what the problem is really all about so that we don’t fight back in the wrong way and miss out on hidden opportunities. History shows that when revolutionary inventions appear, peoples’ first reactions are often of ‘fear and trembling’. As we all know, we get used to new technologies, just as we are familiarised with a million different new things in life: some better, some worse…

Let’s understand how we can use these technologies to fight back. How we can fool their System; how we can mock their controls, checkpoints, scans, radars and surveillance cams. How we can understand the Matrix by taking a step back and looking at the Matrix from outside in order to understand what makes it tick.

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More is on the Way…

The ‘next generation’ of technology is on its way, and as always is driven by the strategic logic of military application. The London-based Voice of Russia quoted Russian defence minister Anatoli Serdjukov stating in March 2012 that “the development of weaponry based on new physics principals – direct-energy weapons, geophysical weapons, wave-energy weapons,2 genetic weapons, psychotronic weapons, and so on – is part of the state arms procurement programme for 2011-2020.”3

Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper explains that research in electromagnetic weaponry has been secretly carried out in the US and Russia since the 1950’s with “previous research showing that low-frequency radio waves or beams can affect brain cells, alter psychological states, making it possible to transmit suggestions and commands directly into people’s brains though processes with high doses of microwaves damaging the function of internal organs, controlling behaviour and even driving victims to suicide.”4

Their target is clear: our physical brains and thereby our minds. What’s the antidote? Clearly, when confronted with increasingly dangerous mind games the one true antidote is lucidity and awareness. The power elites know only too well that it will be difficult to get people to accept RFIDs and similar technologies of control. This is why they are actively working on setting up a veritable ‘gate’ through which they hope billions of people will pass, even if they have to do so against their will and desire.

This, unfortunately, is very dangerous because that Gate lies precisely where the Global Power Masters are strongest and where they wield the most control: FINANCE & MONEY.

The Money Gate Threshold

The Book of the Revelation says that in the ‘End-Times’ satanic forces will reign that “causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads; that no man might buy or sell, save he that hath the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name, 666.”5

This might actually turn out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, but nevertheless it is coming about. Literally. We are moving away from the use of real money – i.e., paper currency – and being pushed, coaxed, trapped and ensnared into using electronic-based money. It is happening fast and this change requires we all have ‘the mark of the Beast’…

Sweden, for instance, is on the verge of outlawing real money and just having plastic and electronic funny money as the only way to buy and sell. Svenska Dagbladet – Sweden’s main conservative newspaper – recently reported that Swedbank informed its branch offices in the fashionable Stockholm neighbourhood of Ostermalm they will no longer operate with cash money for payments or withdrawal of funds. Only electronic money. Cash has been abolished at this branch with many more branches following suit. It has also been reported that Germany began to abolish cash transactions step by step from August 2012. And it’s happening all across the world, but particularly in Western countries dominated by the power elites.

Financial institutions are selling the idea of cashless transactions by saying it makes life much easier for ‘customers’ and ‘users’. Marketing goes something like this: plastic and electronic funds transfers are forms of “intelligent money,” whilst good old currency bills in your pocket is “stupid money.” “Intelligent” electronic money allows the banking system to exert full control of all money, something they cannot do when money is in the form of “stupid” cash.

The goal is clear: replace and annul the use of cash, meaning that anonymous operations are no longer possible. Every electronic transaction leaves a trail: if anyone is targeted by the Powers That Be for whatever reason, they will know what you bought, when, from whom and for how much, and will know or infer what you bought it for. If you are algorithmically or otherwise marked as a ‘rebel’ or – God forbid! – ‘terrorist’, then your chip ID will be cancelled and you’re dead! At least in economic and financial terms. Life will then become a very, very difficult challenge…

The European Union is pushing the idea that full control over private transactions is a must. Their excuse: money laundering. Although the greatest money launderers in the world for many decades are the megabanks like HSBC, CitiCorp and Goldman Sachs. And not just in corrupt countries like Argentina, Mexico or Colombia, but in the US, UK and EU where corruption is rampant amongst top government and banking officers, albeit implemented with better PR image marketing.

Controlling all assets – public and private – ensures that when banks really blow it, they will not only have recourse to be ‘bailed-out’ by governments using taxpayer money, but they will also be ‘bailed-in’ by their confiscation of clients’ bank account balances, as we recently saw happen in Cyprus with the Laiki Bank and the Bank of Cyprus.

The ‘Chipping of Mankind’ is the Global Power Elite’s ‘product of the future’ with which they expect to impose full economic and financial control over people. It comes with a strong PsyOps module that for many decades has been telling and teaching us what money is and what money is not, all aligned of course to their convenience.

However, when you study the power elites more closely and read between the lines, you realise they have identified a series of ‘public enemies’. First and foremost is the Sovereign Nation-State, a veritable wall that is their ‘Public Enemy No. 1’ so to speak. A truly sovereign State necessarily has two inalienable functions and goals: (a) to promote the Common Good of the majority of the population inside a country’s borders and (b) to defend the National Interest when confronted with the huge challenges and perils of today’s tremendously dangerous world ‘order’.

Coming very close behind, the Elite’s ‘Public Enemy No. 2’ is Sovereign National Currencies. Just as Sovereign Nation-States in country after country have been purposely eroded into ‘colonial administrative entities’, the concept of Sovereign Currency has been eroded into funny ‘private money’ controlled by the megabankers themselves.

Let’s take a closer look at this because understanding the true nature of money and currency can make all the difference in surviving what the Elite have in store for us.

Public Money = Real Money / Private Money = Fraud

There are basically two types of money, something the boys over at The Financial Times and Wall Street Journal will certainly never tell you: Public Money and Private Money. Public Money is the dollar, euro, peso and pound bills in your pocket that circulate in different countries and regions of the world. It is issued by public banking authorities, normally a national central bank having monopoly issuance rights. Any private citizen trying to print such money will, if caught, end up in jail. And rightly so, because counterfeiting currency adds money to the national and regional financial system, but adds no work to the Real Economy.

Whilst decent people work to earn money (which means they give something of value to the Real Economy in exchange for their salary: build cars, roads, bake bread, render services), anyone who counterfeits currency is an antisocial private individual who enjoys the benefits of what money can buy without contributing anything of value in exchange.

The message to people is clear: You want money? Work for it!

Private Money, however, is created by private banks working together as a ‘system’ which thanks to Fractional Lending legally allows them to create loans for amounts 10, 20 or 50 times greater than the size of the actual currency deposits in their vaults. To add insult to injury, after creating money out of thin air, they then lend it out to individuals, companies, even government, charging interest for those loans!

Private banking money, however, is just a figure on your bank statement or a blip on your ATM screen. Like all screens it can go blank ‘in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye…’ Because private banking money is a figment of your imagination. The message this System gives to the bankers is also clear: You want money? Create it out of nothing!

Why are banks allowed to do this in country after country you might ask? Because they have grown so immensely rich and powerful, they operate as a cartel that finances and brings politicians and government officers into power who are aligned to their interests, and who will time and again do their bidding, sanctioning the laws, rules and regulations they need to do this.

Doing away with cash transactions amongst people and organisations means doing away with ‘stupid’ Public Money, and replacing it with electronic and plastic ‘intelligent’ Private Bank Money. Music to bankers’ ears!

When the system goes global – international or, should we say, supranational – then there is no limit to how much each bank can create out of nothing. And when Megabankers’ ponzi schemes periodically and predictably come crashing down like a castle of cards then, no sweat: the bankers either manoeuvre to get a government ‘bail-out’ using taxpayer money (because the megabanks are ‘too big to fail’, remember?), or they impose a ‘bail-in’ stealing their account-holders’ deposits.

Isn’t it nice to be a banker in todays’ usury-based, parasite-controlled financial system which, in turn, controls the economy which, in turn, controls government through suitably aligned politicians and political parties which, in turn, drives the displacement of Public Money with Private Money which, in turn, irrecoverably indebts government to the Megabankers who, in turn, order governments to promote and impose the chipping of their populations…

Simultaneously, for decades now the global mega-banking establishment has worked really hard through the media, universities and their own key players to blind us to a key factor that no one ever talks about: the huge difference that exists between Public Money (Sovereign Currency issued by the State that can generate interest-free loans) and Private Money (created by private banks out of almost nothing which can grow exponentially through compound interest).

Sovereign-Debt Death Trap

To ensure that all countries come neatly under the fold and carry out all these insidious plans, nations must themselves become artificially indebted to the Megabankers through Sovereign-Debt death traps.

In order to achieve the goal of controlling each and every individual through government-imposed chipping, first you must control governments. Here’s how that works:

The private Megabanker cabal uses their leverage/control over governments and politicians to ensure legislation is passed making sure the local central bank never provides the correct and proper amounts (volume) of Public Money that the real economy of goods, services and investment needs. This will invariably lead to a credit crunch or inflation (or even both).6

Then, in come the private bankers, asking governments: “Do you need money to build highways, finance defence, education and health? No problem: we’ll lend all you want!”

Governments start and keep borrowing and borrowing, way beyond their means, whereupon fiscal indiscipline and collapse kicks in…

Bankers and successive politicians then refinance ‘sovereign-debt’ again and again until it balloons way beyond all repayment possibilities of the victim-nations. The politicians will merely dump that into the ‘public debt’ and leave it for future generations to pay; whilst the bankers cash in on the interest payments. Ah, the wonders of compound interest! And so whole nations fall under the grip of the Megabankers…

Manchurian Candidate Managers

Why does this happen again and again in many countries and regions? Bad luck? Inept management? Sheer stupidity? Corruption? Yes, of course. All of them are true, correct and we read about them in the papers every day. But there may also be another ‘missing factor’ well worth keeping in mind.

Are we seeing a new generation of increasingly ‘chipped’ presidents, prime ministers, cabinet secretaries, senators, deputies, representatives, ambassadors, judges, that are wittingly or unwittingly doing their job as public ‘managers and CEO’s’ for the Megabankers?

Are properly modulated and directed electromagnetic waves and other technologies and systems behind the political decisions and blunders of our political leaders?

Perhaps studying, identifying and understanding them more closely will help unravel their global reach and huge power. It might even expose notorious Manchurian Candidates who – like an army of berserk, amok-running madmen – are occasionally triggered to suddenly go on shooting sprees and bombing attacks in schools, campuses, military facilities, shopping malls, movie houses, marathons, street corners, for no apparent reason as we see happen in the US and elsewhere…

Or maybe there are very clear reasons… We’re just not looking in the right places. Time to start taking a second look at all these developments and facts and begin thinking more and more with our own minds and brains.

This article was published in New Dawn 139.
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2. HAARP – High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program – has long been suspected of being able to trigger earthquakes in areas where tectonic plates are known to be unstable by getting them to vibrate at their resonant frequency. They might not be able to actually create an earthquake any place they wish, but they can certainly trigger one that is ripe to happen: in Iran, China, Russia, Japan, for example…
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