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New Dawn 139 (July-August 2013)

‘Chipping’ Humanity
The Global Power Elite’s ‘Product of the Future’. Adrian Salbuchi exposes new microchip technologies and the ramifications for personal freedom.

Subconscious Manipulators
Take Your Life Off Autopilot. Nick Parkins reveals how our subconscious mind plays a much more important and powerful role in our life than we realise.

You Are Not A Number
Transcending the Control System. Neil Kramer explains if you are not shaping your own reality, then someone else is doing it for you.

Sirius the Film: Disclosure’s Next Step?
Marc Star takes a look at the new documentary film that blows the lid on the ET and free energy cover-up, and a mysterious humanoid of unknown origin.

Collision Earth: Atlantis, DNA & the Rise of Modern Man
Frank Joseph examines new scientific evidence indicating a major comet collision with Earth changed our destiny, and the possible link to Atlantis.

The Human Biohologram: Science & the Unified Field
Robin Kelly, M.D. outlines the revolutionary paradigm-shattering breakthroughs being made in the fields of holographic science, fractals and quantum biology.

The Life After Death Project: Interview with Paul Davids
Hollywood director Paul Davids speaks to New Dawn about his new documentary film and the incredible incident which convinced him there’s an afterlife.

A Life of Philip K. Dick
The Man Who Remembered the Future. Anthony Peake discusses the central role played by precognition in the life of one of science fiction’s greatest writers.

Tasmania’s Mysterious Monuments
Decoding the Work of Ian Sykes. Christian Jaros uncovers a set of fascinating large stone plates inscribed with strange number & word codes.