Lest We Forget… They Want You to Forget Lockdowns, Vaccine Coercion & Covid Hysteria!

From New Dawn 194 (Sept-Oct 2022)

It’s hard to know where to start. So much has been done. So many have suffered. Not because of a virus but due to hasty, reckless, and irrational decisions made by elected leaders and their bevy of experts.

For much of 2022, the world received some respite from the madness we came to know as the “New Normal.”

This nightmare started in January 2020 as the world watched inexplicable scenes of fear and panic coming out of Wuhan, China – the supposed epicentre of what would soon be known as the “global pandemic.”

The Chinese response was swift as they unleashed ruthless quarantine measures and ordered residents to stay home and not leave until the government said otherwise. The population was effectively placed under house arrest, suspected of carrying or transmitting a microscopic viral particle. Henceforth, this practice would be known as lockdown – a term describing the confining of prisoners to their cells.

This tool of social control was copied by hysterical public officials in Italy and then Spain, and before long, most countries instituted versions of Chinese-style lockdowns. Anything to “stop the spread.” Some countries went further and closed their borders for fear someone might inadvertently bring in the viral particle and trigger a new “wave.” As crazy as that might sound, it was the received orthodoxy at that time.

Of course, none of this corresponded with scientific evidence and certainly not common sense. It was hysterical groupthink on steroids. A fit of collective madness, decorated with virtue-signalling motifs.

Locking the population in their homes. Paying businesses to stay shut and paying employees to stay home and work online or not work at all.

Hospitals not treating patients. Employers firing anyone who wouldn’t submit to the corporate needlecraft.

Suddenly ‘public health’ became the new raison d’etre. Overnight, previously bland public officials transformed into flamboyant dictators, intoxicated by newfound powers and backed up by confidence trick game masters like Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates, all of whom seemed to revel in their newfound spotlight. 

In the haze of fear-induced ‘mass formation’ psychosis, the population was mesmerised by daily hours-long press conference updates on the pandemic’s progress, starring government health bureaucrats and their politician overlords, entranced by the power on offer.

While doing endless victory laps, politicians have been reticent to admit the catastrophic effect on national economies and the broader global economy. In the United States, the government took the liberty of printing over 4.5 trillion dollars out of thin air to pay for this epic folly. At the time, they assured the populace it was necessary – doled out in direct lumpsum ‘stimulus’ payments to nearly every citizen, along with billion-dollar blank cheques for schools to pay for a failed ‘online education’ experiment. In addition, untold billions were wasted on Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and a conveyor belt of masks, gowns, rubber gloves, and reams of infantile COVID signage. Also, hundreds of billions for completely useless ‘contact tracing’ systems doubling as human tracking apps. 

Credit: Bob Moran www.bobmoran.co.uk

And we can’t forget two of the main profit centres in this global heist: the myriad of non-diagnostic COVID tests and, of course, the so-called vaccines. Most of these expenditures are still running today.

Whatever country you’re in, chances are your government attempted to implement these same policies and got the same damage to the national economy and the state of freedom.

It is almost impossible to calculate the actual economic and societal toll of the COVID response. One peer-reviewed study1 in the Journal of American Medicine estimated the cumulative financial costs of the pandemic at more than $16 trillion, approximately 90% of the annual gross domestic product of the US. Consequently, the wealth and inequality gap increased by orders of magnitude in the last 18 months. The ten richest men in the world doubled their fortunes during the government COVID splurge while the incomes of 99 per cent of humanity fell.

They said it was all for a noble cause – embodied in great Schwabian mantras born from the loins of Davos: The New Normal, Build Back Better, and The Great Reset.

In hindsight, this may have been the biggest psychological operation (psyops) ever – designed to re-engineer society and the human race to advance a series of planned future outcomes.

Literally everything was cancelled. Even democracy. Freedom of assembly suddenly became a luxury we could ill afford in the face of such an awe-inspiring viral particle. 

But while their plans were cunning and comprehensive in scale and scope, the globalist establishment did not calculate how their draconian global coup d’etat wouldbring together dissidents from all strata of society, political persuasions, and religions – every walk of life. And their numbers are growing by the day, a bittersweet for the elite class because it’s in direct proportion to the constantly climbing number of injuries and untimely deaths associated with the experimental injections. 

Low Ebb for Humanity

Perhaps the lowest ebb for humanity in this saga has been the vilification and persecution of the unvaccinated over the past two years.

Early on, it became apparent that so-called ‘freedom-loving’ Western governments were emulating China’s authoritarian Zero-COVID societal shutdown. Countries like Italy, Israel, Spain, Canada, and New Zealand went all-out to flex their totalitarian bona fides. But the standard bearer was Australia, a nation transformed into a Zero-COVID nightmare. Autocrat State premiers and chief ministers formed the equivalent of COVID Stasi enforcement divisions, even usingthe military to police strict lockdowns and coerce the entire population into taking experimental injections. Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria and Australia’s second-largest city, endured six lockdowns to become the most locked-down city in the world. People defying lockdowns or daring to walk in public without a mask – in parks or on the beach – were hunted down by the police, to be fined or worse.

Technocrats barely batted an eyelid after summarily destroying the livelihoods of thousands of people, especially small businesses, and ruining real public health on a scale never seen in modern times. 

In the UK, Boris Johnson’s government deployed the most cynical con imaginable, invoking a faux Blitz spirit by imploring a hapless public to go outside and bang pots and pans together at sundown because they needed to “stay home” to “save” the National Health Service (NHS). During the so-called pandemic, the NHS stopped running as a national health service and became a ‘COVID only’ service – and then a ‘vaccine only’ service. With record waiting lists, and millions discouraged from seeking basic care, the NHS rapidly resembles a zombie institution in line to be absorbed by some international consortium. 

Many people were gaslit by public health mavens and media charlatans to believe that if they did not comply with the bevy of ineffective and baseless pandemic mitigation measures – they were putting people’s lives at risk. The level of fearmongering and hysteria reached a point where some fanatics in government and media went so far as to label noncompliant sceptics and anti-vaxxers as “killers.” 

Cognitive scientist Dr Mark Changizi put it succinctly: “If your position implies that healthy people breathing in the same room are doing you violence, you have lost. Thanks for playing.”2 

For those who believe in the virology orthodoxy, the ageing octogenarian US President Joe Biden is an interesting ‘case’. In late July and early August, Joe supposedly was infected by COVID twice in quick succession – catching it again three days after being cleared – which essentially is a case study on the futility of mass masking, contact tracing, social distancing, and vaccination. The President boasted he was double jabbed and double boosted, with a total of four injections, but he still got COVID, twice in a row. 

It needs to be remembered and restated that millions of people were coerced into taking the jab on the insinuation it would protect them from COVID and make us “safe” again. That was the mantra constantly pushed by authorities, including Biden, who shamed the ‘vaccine hesitant’ by falsely stating at a July 2021 meeting, “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations,” and “If you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalised, you’re not going to be in the ICU unit, and you’re not going to die.” 

Credit: Bob Moran www.bobmoran.co.uk

It is vitally important we don’t forget what government apparatchiks put us all through these past two and half years. The fact of the matter is that pandemic measures did little to “stop the spread” and had no positive impact on public health. The crisis merchants will claim that every extreme measure somehow saved lives. There are enough corrupt people in politics and media with a vested interest in this to ensure no one will be allowed to refute it publicly. 

Their fanciful claims can be debunked if we look at the control countries in this global experiment like Sweden, which initially opted out of the lockdowns and showed no noticeable difference in mortality or even ‘cases’. 

The only tangible benefit was for those who conveniently cashed in on the crisis.

Despite the hysteria and propaganda, you can point to the fact there was no significant rise in all-cause mortality in 2020. However, many lockdown deaths – drug overdoses, alcohol abuse, and suicide – increased in 2020. In 2021, we saw a significant increase in all-cause mortality, in excess of 20 per cent.3 Bear in mind the mass vaccination roll-out started in December 2020. 

The Drugs Don’t Work

Never before in human history has a rapacious industry and its government functionaries threatened the public on a scale such as this. Their efforts have been aided by a corrupt government-media complex and vaccine NGO complex spearheaded by oligarch Bill Gates, along with billionaire gatekeepers Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and other Big Tech lords who coordinated censorship campaigns across social media to block scepticism and criticism of the vaccine roll-out. Many were de-platformed and silenced, and that continues even today. Doctors who dared question the official science were threatened with deregistration.

With each passing week, new studies and reports emerge about the safety and effectiveness of COVID jabs. Soon it might become impossible for mainstream media to continue to ignore the numerous vaccine injury cases. For example, the British Medical Journal has highlighted how Pfizer’s own data revealed an excess of mRNA vaccine harms, specifically myocarditis and pericarditis, for those aged 12-25 years.4 Why people in this age group were targeted with the experimental jab is somewhat mysterious and concerning, considering this age group has little to no risk of dying from the virus. 

It was back in December 2020 when the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) emergency authorised the Moderna and Pfizer mRNA COVID-19 jabs, claiming “the benefits outweighed the harms.” That claim is now under attack by medicos brave enough to emerge from the climate of fear and censorship.

A group of international researchers re-analysed the original trial data upon which that claim was made to conclude that the “vaccines” are associated with an “increased risk of serious adverse events” that surpass the “risk reduction for COVID-19 hospitalisation” relative to the placebo group.5

According to former medical scientist and Australian investigative journalist Maryanne Demasi, PhD:

“The Fraiman analysis has revealed that the FDA and the CDC underplayed the harms of the mRNA vaccines in Dec 2020. By authorising and recommending a population-wide vaccination campaign, authorities neglected to focus on protecting the elderly, and exposed many younger people to unnecessary harm. As the pandemic progresses, and new variants emerge, the benefits of the mRNA vaccines will continue to diminish, while the harms are likely to compound.”

We need to recall the string of drug failures by the pharmaceutical industry and the corrupt, bought-and-paid-for US FDA. Over the decades, the shareholders of these pharmaceutical firms netted untold billions. 

Daniel Berger is an attorney who won millions in settlements for investors and consumers hurt by the likes of Exxon and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco. Their exploitation pales compared to what America’s prescription drug manufacturers have done to promote mass addiction of legal chemical substances.

“I used to think that there was nothing more reprehensible than what the tobacco industry did in suppressing what it knew about the adverse effects of an addictive and dangerous product,” said Berger. “But I was wrong. The drug makers are worse than Big Tobacco.”6

The War on Fertility

Perhaps the most shocking episode in this global debacle is the wanton state and corporate recklessness of the ‘vaccine’ roll-out. When industry whistleblowers and journalists began asking questions about the possible effects of the experimental mRNA injections on human fertility, they were either ignored or immediately met with derision and condemnation. 

The first COVID shots rolled out in late 2020, and it did not take long before qualified doctors, scientists and pharmaceutical professionals began warning the public of possible reproductive effects. On 1 December 2020, Pfizer’s former head of respiratory research, Dr Michael Yeadon, and the lung specialist and former head of Germany’s public health department, Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, petitioned the European Medicine Agency – which is responsible for EU-wide drug approval – calling for the immediate suspension of all SARS-CoV-2 vaccine trials, in particular the BioNTech/Pfizer study.7

The most alarming part of their complaint was the potential effects on pregnant women. They explained that while the vaccines are meant to produce antibodies against spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2, these same spike proteins also contain syncytin-homologous proteins, an essential building block in the formation of the human placenta. They implored that “it must be absolutely ruled out that a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 could trigger an immune reaction against syncytin-1, as otherwise infertility of indefinite duration could result in vaccinated women.”

According to a recent analysis by Dr Joseph Mercola, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) was alerted to the high potential for adverse effects on fertility by Janci Chunn Lindsay, PhD, director of toxicology and molecular biology for Toxicology Support Services LLC, which submitted a public comment back in April 2021. Disturbingly, what Dr Lindsey had predicted seems to be happening. She provided credible evidence suggesting that the COVID mRNA gene therapy jab may cross-react with syncytin and reproductive genes in sperm, ova and placenta in ways that impair reproductive outcomes. Considering the large percentage of the population coerced into taking the experimental shots, the ramifications are beyond comprehension. “We could potentially be sterilising an entire generation,” warned Dr Lindsey.8

Other reported risks included significant menstrual irregularities, vaginal haemorrhaging, and miscarriage for women who received the injections. According to vaccine injury databases like America’s VAERS system, the EU’s EudraVigilance and the UK’s Yellow Card system, such conditions were already numbering in the thousands at the time of her report – a safety signal which should not have been ignored. Only it was, and still is.

Even those who previously offered unconditional support for the jabs must be concerned about some new studies emerging in recent months. For example, a recent study by Washington University found that COVID-19 vaccines affected an astonishing 42 per cent of women’s menstrual cycles. Of course, the women who reported these impacts after being jabbed were roundly condemned as delusional or pushing an anti-vaccine agenda.

In a surreal state of affairs, at the same time both Australia and Canada had granted “emergency use authorisation” (EUA) of the Moderna COVID jab on young children aged six months to five years of age, the German Federal Ministry of Health tweeted that 1 in 5,000 people had suffered serious adverse reactions following COVID injections. 

Eugenics: An Elite Love Affair

Since the mid-20th century, elite interests have been hard at work funding and developing “anti-fertility vaccines” designed to be implemented on a mass scale. This is not the stuff of conspiracy theories – one only has to read a 1968 Rockefeller Foundation report in which foundation-funded scientists and public health experts boasted about the cacophony of possibilities:

“…several types of drugs are known to diminish male fertility, but those that have been tested have serious problems of toxicity. Very little work is in progress on immunological methods, such as vaccines, to reduce fertility, and much more research is required if a solution is to be found here.”9

According to the Rockefeller Foundation, the possibility of using vaccines to reduce male fertility was something that “needed to be investigated further” because oral birth control pills and intrauterine devices (IUD) would not yield the desired outcome due to problems with mass-scale distribution:

“We are faced with the danger that within a few years these two ‘modern’ methods, for which such high hopes have been held, will in fact turn out to be impracticable on a mass scale.”

They sought to encourage institutions “by making research funds available, as well as by other means, established and beginning investigators to turn their attention to aspects of research in reproductive biology that have implications for human fertility and its control…. Encouraging more biology and biochemistry students to elect careers in reproductive biology and human fertility control, through support of research and teaching programs in departments of zoology, biology, and biochemistry.”

Why the obsession with population control, you might ask? The answer: eugenics. Like many ruling elites, the Rockefeller dynasty regarded themselves as stewards of the planet and took it upon themselves to bear the burden of regulating the planet’s resources and its population.

“There are an estimated five million women among America’s poverty and near-poverty groups who need birth control service… The unchecked fertility of the indigent does much to perpetuate poverty, undereducation, and underemployment, not only in urban slums, but also in depressed rural areas.”

The eugenics theme is explicit throughout the globalist pedigree. Bear in mind these are the very same institutions that funded the development and distribution of vaccine ‘health solutions’ throughout the world over the last 60 years. Other examples and incidents in recent history prove this is a central objective of the elites’ social engineering in the 20th century. So who’s to say the eugenics baton hasn’t been passed to a fresh pair of legs?

In the 21st century, elite stewardship on such matters seems to have been handed down to people like billionaire philanthropist and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, a tireless advocate and financier for global vaccine roll-out. At the beginning of the so-called ‘global pandemic’, Gates did the rounds on every imaginable media outlet, calling for eight billion people, the entire global population, to be injected with the new experimental COVID ‘vaccine’.

It should be noted that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has deep ties with the Rockefeller group,10 including the funding of vaccinations and programs that can be construed as ‘anti-fertility’. Bill Gates and David Rockefeller were the leading members of a billionaire’s club that met secretly to discuss how to strengthen measures for population control, particularly in the developing world, through the guise of “philanthropy.” Other notable members include Ted Turner, George Soros, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, and Michael Bloomberg.11

Bye Bye Build Back Better

All the above was done in the name of keeping us safe.

The great Ben Franklin once remarked, “Those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary Safety deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Now that their pandemic complex is complete, invoking another pandemic will be much easier.

No government has ever relinquished power without the threat of force, and no citizenry has ever received a bill of rights without having to fight for it first.

In the end, this generation will come to grips with a certain truism that our forefathers knew all too well: the battle for liberty is a fight spanning generations, a multi-generational fight, and it is incumbent on all of us to do our absolute best, and then pass on the baton of liberty to our progeny, and theirs too. 

Above all, do not let them do it again.

This article was published in New Dawn 194.
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