An Aquarian Age Revolution In the Balance

From New Dawn 181 (Jul-Aug 2020)

The challenge of the Aquarian Age is to “inner-stand” between the two personal and trans-personal forces represented by its rulers Saturn and Uranus. 

Many astrologers fall into the personality trap of labelling poor Saturn as a “grim reaper” or the lord tyrant of time, or the grumpy ruler of Capricorn who is also the co-ruler of the personal choices we make under Aquarius. Call him Planet of Contraction, the hard taskmaster of Discipline, the conserver of resources. In the bigger picture of an age of 20 centuries now dawning, Saturn in its Aquarian transits will expose all the ways our personality gets hung up in restriction.

Even this idea of restriction restricts understanding Saturn’s true nature. 

Looking through the mask of personality darkly, the ego filters out the unified essence behind every changeable appearance. Take it as a holy hypothesis not to believe but to explore individually, uniquely. A mask of society’s conditioning can only hide behind it your original face. The one you had before you were born. The one you have after you die. The witness hidden behind the mask that society has made you forget by gathering up its pretences of borrowed personality.

That happening that remembers this witnessing face of consciousness is a seer. The grim reaper is seen by the unfiltered seer as something other than restrictive. If a luminous and innocent enlightenment came into this world falsely labelled “you,” it is rediscovered waiting behind the mask of “you” that obscured. 

To that blessed one, Saturn is not a limiter or binder but your best friend. If truth is your centre, Saturn is there to show you the truth behind every action and inaction, hope, fear, dream or nightmare your “personalised” life presents before a constant witnessing consciousness, for that is your “original face.” That is the face the Zen masters metaphorically suggest is the one you cannot experience. All experiences are witnessed outside of “it.” Call it the constant and eternal Witness of changeable appearances that are by their nature limited by their incontinence, like a wave that rises into form and retreats back from whence it came: a cosmic, eternal ocean. The wave as form is not eternal, but the water oceanically is.

When the original face awakens behind the mask. When the appearance of you as wave remembers each moment in its apparent shape passing that it is not separate from the cosmic ocean, that the ocean ever resides inside the smallest dewdrop, that is “inner-standing.”

The Aquarian Age is a grassroots-to-mountain peak rebellion against the Piscean Age and its centralised controls, its paternal, death-cult religions that sell the “end times” afterlife and don’t let you live your life in paradise now. 

The right understanding of Saturn’s personality mask lesson can either bring humanity into an age of a Global Peace or Police state. 

If you live more in a mask, the transpersonal big-picture ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, will bring you the Dark Side of Aquarius as your reality. 

Individual sovereignty is the Uranian Aquarian potential. With the 2020s we begin the evolution towards the decentralising down of everything left behind by 20 Piscean centuries. The breakthrough into this new age will have transpired the moment any human being this moment becomes fully aware that Being is a nation unto itself. 

If enough individuals awaken to this, a unique and unexpected paradox of a Uranus society happens only when people are individually sovereign, fully freed by fully awakening consciousness. Only the sovereign individual can turn Anarchy away from its current perversion of self-destruction and Uranian chaos to what Anarchy was ever intended to be.

True anarchy does not mean “no government” but something more subtle: people who are enlightened to the fact that true freedom – the motto of the Aquarian Age “to Know” – is to know from direct experience and authority that the greater expanse of your freedom equally expands your ability to self-govern. And only a fully free and responsible individual can harmoniously commune with others. 

Community is a dead Piscean Age word. In this Aquarian Age it will lose the paternal, authoritarian cocoon of a noun and metamorphose into a living butterfly of a verb. From community we set forth into a new age of Communing with each other.

The “Police State” future is a personality’s misunderstanding from the roots of Saturn in Aquarius’ dominion over the individual facing the transpersonal dreams of Uranus, the higher ruler of the Aquarian Age of “Knowing.” 

The police state of unconsciousness is the end result of a constant brain-griming the soul behind the personality mask with the dark Aquarian arts of propaganda, corporately controlled media, public commons online privatised to shadow block or de-platform free (Uranian) speech. In a Dark Aquarian Age, Uranian humanity is suppressed by the inhuman, privately controlled, non-alive, no-human of A.I. (Artificial Idiocy). The magnification of such idiocy into our machines is not an intelligent future but technological Viagra for the lusts of intellect presuming wisdom. 

I ask you intellectually-identified creators of A.I. this question: How can you qualify “intelligence” with “artificial”?! Only the unwise can overlook this oxymoronic move. 

Man created ego-bots and Adolf Algorithms, and all the artificial “almost-intelligent” ways to render humans slaves of a virtual enlightenment. 

The Aquarian golden-aged alternative requires enough individuals in this era of individuality communing right here and now to become aware of what wisdom is lacking in A.I. because until your mask comes off, ego identity makes everyone AH! (Artificial Humanity).

The atmospheres of Aquarius the Water Bearer – that electric blue mist of a water that vibrates in its angular symbolic lines like a stock market’s ups and downs, booms or busts – changes the climate of the mind and the world’s atmosphere into an auto-suicidal future if the individual remains masked. However, Saturn in reality illuminates only the limits of your illusions against the limitless possibilities of Truth. 

Take his hand to remove your mask. Let the Original Face, the Source consciousness, be rediscovered under its fake-mask of ego and then all the things Uranus and his Water Bearer rule in Aquarius, those things you cannot see but underpin all and everything – such as your consciousness – guides a 20-century age. 

Aquarius rules the invisible, the Science of the Awakened Ones: A Truth that does not “exist” – therefore it is free of the burden of existing and “non-existing” too. The Atmosphere of Enlightenment that is your very being can never be seen, because all experiences, including that of your personality, its thoughts, emotions, body, are appearances reflected in the being’s mirrorlike consciousness. 

You cannot seek what you have always been, but you can forget it and run around every corner of reality and illusion for millions of misery-go-rounds of incarnate life, chasing after the thing you never stopped being, this “Itness.” 

This Is-not-nessing Isness. 

That is what can be unleashed out of the genie Aquarius’ tipped urn – a brain- and being-washing from Itness in a bath clearing all the dust of identity off your consciousness mirror so being can reflect clearly what is before it, enjoying life fully, living it, but not being of it. 

Uranus is all for brain-and-being washing, each moment.

Why hold onto the dirt of eras?

The personality is a master of collecting dirt of mind, the dust-emote and identities. Let rush the genie Aquarius water out of the urn for an electric power washing of ecstasy for those who move from the motto to know to all-knowing to the ultimate of no-knowing that is the no-mind of being. 

Saturn in Aquarius touched the roots of dark or golden ages starting on 23 March through to 2 July 2020. Saturn temporarily transiting our skies in Aquarius gave us a little, one-degree dip into the Water Bearer’s urn for potentially better and worse to come when Saturn ends its over three-year transit of Capricorn, the sign of Corporate hegemony. 

Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, will miss the “grinning” Reaper in rebellious Aquarius.

Pluto’s grand Capricorn cycle soon to end by January 2024 began roughly 250 years ago, the last time it serviced a generation’s time in Capricorn when it gave birth to modern democracies, the apogee of aristocratic rule over the birthing of the first middle classes. Pluto’s entry into Aquarius by 1777 began a century of popular revolutions against class asses of the one-percent. 

The middle classes in North America and Europe 250 years later suffer a midlife crisis while new middle classes spread across much of the developing world. As Pluto’s current transit of Capricorn soon ends, they will seek freedom from the constraints of new corporate-aristocracies and their king trillion and billionaires. The American Revolution of past becomes a global revolution, near future, after 2024. 

Consider carefully the “prelude” to the next century of revolution we passed through by 2 July 2020. It is Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn and the ruler of the personal actions of each of us, under an Aquarian Age beginning its first travail. The birth pain will scream and cry economic and politically.

You might find it strange to hear me say this, but a perpetual wave of states of emergencies that keeps fascism overlording people’s freedoms can also strain under the stress of many things these times of constant crisis will throw at the powerful as well as the rest of us, and soon.

Astrologically speaking, there is about to begin a shift in key, corporate-friendly planets out of their long transit through earth (establishment, finance, banks and world order rulers) into air signs of quick thought, out of the box intellectual curiosity and humanitarian waves of revolution. Saturn began testing the waters poured by Aquarius the Water Bearer on 23 March 2020. Saturn toe dipped one-degree in, then pulled his toe out in retrograde motion to come back to establishment Capricorn on 2 July 2020. 

Saturn dived into Aquarius on 18 December 2020, stirring the waters of global revolutionary times until 23 March 2023. 

If you think 2020 was overturning apple carts of comfortable, unconscious life on Earth set in automatic ego-drive mode, brace yourself. On 20 January 2021, the inauguration of a new US president started a political crisis that will rock the world. On that day the conjunction of the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn’s scythe, all in Aquarius, struck the birth of the next term of a man in cognitive decline. Uranus Ruler of Aquarius in its fall in Taurus inharmoniously squares that Sun-Jupiter-Saturn conjunction!

This president could see a complete political system failure and revolution in his (or her) four years in office. 

Cry “Revolution!”


Or a complete suppression of the people in a surveillance and dictatorial state, the dark antithesis of the humanitarian, individual’s independence-loving Aquarian zeitgeist. 

Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius transiting Taurus, squares off against its own sign and higher potentials because it is wallowing unhappily in Taurus the ruler of an ego’s personal business, career, property and consuming. 

The next four years of this US presidential term has a birth chart that eggs on the vast majority of those who aren’t elites: the working people that had a snoot-full of their freedoms being stomped on by the establishment represented by Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. 

The dark side of saturnine Aquarian behaviour will be in full play. Suppression into abject fascism might have initial success but as the mid-decade approaches the cracks cleave. The civilisation’s established centralised power structures of bank, bundestrepublik and bureaucratic control topples. 

The Piscean-age iconic edifices of political, economic, dogmatic religious and ecologically abusive systemic flaws – exposed completely – at last begin collapsing into a heap. These require a rebuild, a transmutation of what it is to be human, and how we treat ourselves, each other and the world – or extinction is our destiny by 2044 when Pluto ends its 20-year transit of Aquarius (Revolution!) starting in January 2024.

Its generational transit at the beginning will pick up momentum stirring a collective feeling in humanity to move forward, to change, when Jupiter enters Gemini by May 2024. Its harmonious trines with Aquarian Pluto will be reinforced by an establishment-busting additional series of trines of Uranus starting upon its entry into Gemini in July 2025. 

Uranus enters Gemini free to think freely and originally. That is when the tide of human destiny may have a fighting chance to survive the long emergency of the 2020s and 2030s up to and through 2044 when Pluto enters spiritually transcendent Pisces in 2044. 

These are the ultimately good, initially cathartic things, people of the world, especially working people, need. Especially free loving, free thinking and feeling people. Let fire their adrenalin a righteous shock to awareness.

Hear then in future’s augury these cries of “Havoc!” Letting slip the calls of Aquarian revolution once again as Pluto re-enters the sign of Aquarius that brought the world the French Revolution and many more popular revolutions to follow that changed the world: 

Government regimes! You told us to stop working, so it is on YOU to bail US out! Grind us not, paying off YOUR debts!

If I have lost my job, my small business, I am already in a Greater Depression!

Why should I pay my taxes when banks hold me under rent and mortgage debt but print money for themselves to keep rich without my taxes? 

Have I no value to you? Is my contribution to the state worthless? 

Printing worthless fiat money to keep Wall Street speculators fat-and-ass-ly rich is a gesture of those above who view the working people below – all people – as serfs!

In the times of Life B.C. (Before Coronavirus) compromise was considered a weakness. 

In times of Life, switching on the A.C. (After Coronavirus), compromise is a strength. 

Withhold a vote for the lesser of two evil, two-faced Democrat-Republican Corporate Parties will be considered a strength! 

Following faux progressives and conservatives who preach but don’t ACT revolutionary – Enough! Finished!

Shout them off the podiums, be they Donald Trumpeting or Bernie Sanders sand-bagging paper tigers manipulating the people’s misery and hope. Just shining the schystery on. Just talking about revolution and change with no balls to do it. 

Real flesh and blood suffering people of America! Take back your Right to Life from those Corporations-turned-into-People. Let the un-human dead bury the undead! 

It is we the living who make the world run. We the creatively working human beings that are the motive force. We Real people of the Real economy make the wealth, make the things that make a civilisation. 

WE! US!! 

Not you corporations masquerading as human things. 

We will cast out the speculators with all the compassion of Jesus Christ overturning the tables of moneychangers in the Temple of the Living.

Do not distract us with your infernal work to wage war on Iran or start a cold war with China added to one against Russia. Watch our anti-war movement gather. Watch us fight and cast out the largest Socialist boondoggles ever imposed: corporate welfare for the Rich, the Military-Industrial Complex and its pimp warmongers addicted to a business of fear, blood and death sustained by over HALF of the living citizens’ annual taxes. 

Cut that American war machine business down to size and 90 percent of ALL WARS and threats of civilisation-ending cold-wars-turned-nuclear-hot would disappear. 

Have at you! Witch-hunters of surveillance.

We will not assuage. We will Julian Assange

We have truth hunters and whistleblowers to catch you before comes a human holocaust in reply. 

The time is rapidly approaching when we will arrest and put on trial all those politicians and businesspeople who broke up our American industries and sold them to China in the last 30 years. 

Don’t blame this on China, or Russia, otherwise you are no different than Nazis who blamed everything wrong with their state of Third Reicheous-ness on the Jews. 

Get this, finally! 

China never stole a single job from Americans. 

Corporate America did. 

China is not our enemy as much as Corporate Americans are America’s enemies! 

And you will face the people’s punishment like it was a new Nuremberg trial and like Hitler’s henchmen, you wretches of industry will be crowding the people’s court. You will be convicted to a life in prison of hard labour for hollowing out the American middle class, stripping us of our jobs, our industries, our self-reliance. 

You left us exposed to plagues, banana-republic medical care, and governance bought by your rot over us! 

Recessions and Depressions caused by YOU! 

To be fair, we the living had our part in this. 

Our blind faith and sheepish compliance.

We are now paying the price! 

We the unemployed Americans by the tens of millions by YOUR ORDER! 

We believed in you blindly, you corporately lobbied and bribed leaders governing over us like an armoured bank truck full of money running over us! 

Yes, that is our fault. We are already being punished for that. 

Now it’s YOUR TURN!

Cry “HAVOC!” and let slip the ire of real people AWAKENING!

This article was published in New Dawn 181.
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