New Dawn 181


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Articles Inside New Dawn 181 (July-August 2020)

72 pages • A4 size • Full Colour Glossy Magazine
  • A World in Upheaval: From Mass Compliance to the ‘New Normal’ by Patrick Henningsen
  • An Aquarian Age Revolution In the Balance by John Hogue
  • Life & Disease from Space: Did COVID-19 Arrive from a Cometary Fragment that Hit China Last year? by Prof. Chandra Wickramasinghe
  • We Are NOT Alone: Thoughts on Comets & Meteorites – Where Life Began? by Marianne Schmidt & Philip Jamieson
  • Covid Consciousness: A Contagion of Awakening or a Consensus Reality? by Kingsley L. Dennis
  • Magical Words: General Semantics & the Power of Language by Jack Fox-Williams
  • A Prophetic Pandemic Vision: Getting Serious with Spiritual Practices in an Age of Crisis by Rev. Dr. Gary W. Duncan
  • Destiny Calling: Experiments with Dreaming, Time & Synchronicity by Gary Lachman
  • An Ancient Spaceship Camouflaged as a Moon of Saturn? by Frederick Dodson
  • Hyperdimensional Physics: How It Changes Everything About Ascension, Psi & Survival by Chris H. Hardy, Ph.D.
  • Coronavirus & the Sun: A Lesson From the 1918 Influenza Pandemic by Dr R. Hobday

  • Vitamin D the Key to Immunity

  • The Cholesterol Myth as an Example of Mass-Falsehood by Frederick Dodson

  • Eating Walnuts Preserves Youthful Telomere Strands


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