Alien Abductions and Star Kids: An Interview With Mary Rodwell

Mary Rodwell with Dr Roger Leir (1935 – 2014)

The following interview with Mary Rodwell appeared in New Dawn 97. Mary has contributed an article to New Dawn Special Issue Vol 11 No 2 in which she provides information on recent cases and breakthroughs in the area of alien abduction and the Star Kids.

Mary Rodwell, is the Principal of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network). She is a counselor, hypnotherapist, metaphysician, former nurse and midwife. Mary has lectured in the USA, UK and Australia. She is the author of Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life (2002) and the producer of the EBE award winning documentaries Expressions of ET Contact: A Visual Blueprint? (2000) and Expressions of ET Contact: A Communication and Healing Blueprint? (2004).

ACERN is a professional counseling resource that explores all anomalous experiences as well as speaking to professional traditional agencies about contact reality. Mary’s research explores both the physical and metaphysical implications of contact. This research has demonstrated that for most individuals contact can be a transformative/spiritual experience, where individuals, such as those termed Star Children, become more aware of their multi-dimensional nature.

The interviewer, Tony Mierzwicki is the author of Graeco-Egyptian Magick: Everyday Empowerment and Alien Magick: Exploring the UFO Phenomenon as well as numerous magazine articles and anthology contributions.

Tony Mierzwicki: How real are UFOs? There have been many deliberate frauds over the years that act as a smokescreen over something apparently real. UFOs provide a very easy field to sow with disinformation, as they’re very much on the fringes and inspire numerous B-grade sci-fi movies.

Mary Rodwell: Thomas Kuhn author of The Structure of Scientific Revolutions advises to observe, drop all your preconceived categories as best you can, and just collect raw information. He is correct I believe, because this is the only way we will be open to what we don’t know. Of course, open-mindedness does not equate to gullibility. No-one can be truly objective of course, but the less personal “limits” we have in collating the data the more chance we have of getting at the truth.

Fraudulent information occurs in most subjects we explore, although UFO material has more than its fair share. With all of it I believe it’s about “listening” to our own personal resonance to “truth.”

I believe that there has been a deliberate attempt to instill fear of the ET reality and what it may mean. So that ET means an “invasion” kind of message and we are all going to be exterminated or taken over. What people don’t understand, because they are given an edited version of our history, is that we have been visited for thousands of years and that our DNA has been tampered with many times already by “them.” If they wanted to exterminate or take us over, they have the technology to do it in a nanosecond. So why haven’t they done this? Because they have no desire to, and because we are part of “them,” and their program to help in our evolution.

We attack their spaceships and they don’t retaliate. It’s we who are the aggressors.

As an example of the reality of UFOs, Dr Stephen Greer’s Disclosure DVD put out by the CSETI organisation, has a testimony from a high ranking military man who said a missile which had been sent into space was circled by a UFO and then exploded with an energy beam. The whole event was videotaped, but witnesses were instructed to say that they saw nothing. The DVD has two hours of interviews with high ranking military personnel, pilots, etc who have seen UFOs visually and through radar, crashed craft and the beings themselves. They admit to the cover up and many corroborate each other’s statements.

Tony: Your research appears to indicate that many alien encounters are positive and of a beneficial nature. While this is certainly the case in some reference material I have perused, there are numerous researchers who believe that abductions are very traumatic to the “experiencers.” How would you resolve such a contradiction?

Mary: I think a contradiction is only present if you see this as either or. I think it’s hard to say there is any black and white to this question. The contact phenomenon is extremely complex and no one person/researcher, no matter how well informed, has the mandate on this. All I can do is report what I have found with my clients and honour their understanding and experience. But I have found though that often what they have believed was a negative experience has not always proved to be so when we have explored it more deeply via hypnosis.

I like to quote from Albert Einstein in my presentations, “Whoever sets himself up as judge in the field of truth and knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the Gods.” I am afraid that many researchers find it hard to have a neutral perspective, as ultimately they will try and head their research to the hypothesis that suits their own judgements. I try to keep to the data I receive and it has often surprised me. I have learnt that the truth is often multifaceted in nature, not so black and white as we would like it to be. I look for patterns.

If the hypnotherapists are only covering the barest outline of the experience, time/date, how many beings were present, and what procedures were being done, then the individual may be very fearful because they do not know what was happening or why such things were being done to them. Hence, this would impart negativity to the experience.

In limited exploration, the individual is re-exposed to the trauma without the understanding that should come with this. It is only when the individual understands more fully what’s going on, that they can then come to terms with it and integrate it. Consider for example a three year old boy taken to the doctor for an injection. You tell him that the doctor will make him better, but he just experiences pain. It’s only when he is older that he finally understands what went on.

I ask the client to dialogue with “them,” i.e. the ET’s, and ask “them” what, and why, the procedure was being performed. The answers would amaze you.

Tony: So your clients can dialogue retrospectively? This is very interesting if true, as it would tie in with quantum theory’s ideas of the non-linearity of time.

Mary: For sure. I was very surprised when my first client was able to do this, as it seemed that the information came from either a “deep inner awareness,” or as you say a way of tapping into quantum. I am still trying to unravel how this may happen in terms of science. All I know is that they seem to tap into answers for their questions when working in the altered state, whether this comes from a higher consciousness which some call the higher self, or the ET beings have left the information to be tapped into when needed.

For me the most important thing is that it is always profound and helpful to the individual, in that their psyche or higher senses translate this information in a way that makes sense to them.

I believe that linear time is a human construct, and many “experiencers” say the same thing. For example, Tracey Taylor states, “Time for them is irrelevant in the linear format that the average human understands.” I certainly believe that we bypass the linear format of time when in an altered state, and that is possibly why the individual can access dialogue with the beings even though I have regressed them to what is perceived as a future event.

Tony: This is confusing. You say that abductions are often for the experiencer’s benefit? But what about all the cases of rape, endoscopes, and taking scoops of human tissue?

Mary: Certainly some ET procedures are for the collection of genetic material, and for scanning/examining tissue for planetary pollution held in the human tissues etc. We have polluted our planet and everything we eat or drink carries with it the poisons from our environment into our physical body. These cumulative toxins are picked up and analysed by our ET visitors. Experiencers are told this.

To quote Tracey Taylor again, “As far as my Contact experiences, I became very compassionate towards the ET beings, as there is so much humans can learn and benefit from interacting with them. I was ‘fearful’ of my experiences only when I didn’t know what was happening and why. But there has always been an equal exchange. I helped them achieve their genetic goals and in return I received my healing and psychic ability, plus my understanding of Earth has been enhanced. Basically at the start I misunderstood the ‘grays’. The knowing ET part of me initially made a decision to assist them and the understanding of this can be overshadowed with the fear which stems from our limited human perceptions and reactions to these experiences.”

I believe many of the ET races have a very strong interest in us as a species and our evolution and they are part of it as we share a genetic heritage with them. I have found that with different species of ETs, the more strange or confronting looking ones are not necessarily evil or negative. This includes the reptilians/lizard ones for example, because some people have experienced very loving exchanges with them.

Tony: But what about the rape issue? Would anyone consent in advance to rape?

Mary: I believe this is a complex issue that depends on what level you choose to understand it. From soul level, before birth we choose our challenges and experiences for our coming life. (I have come to believe this through regressing people into past lives.) This includes all our experiences, obviously traumatic and otherwise. The soul through this gains greater understanding. So although through life we may perceive some experiences like this as hurtful or negative, it’s through such a process we have the opportunity to understand ourselves better. This is true for all experience. So on this level you may well consent to this experience (i.e. rape) if it offered you insights you would not gain otherwise.

As I said, from soul level I believe we are co-creators of our reality, and that life is a school for growth and understanding. Some may well choose the ET experience as a way of helping them to grow.

But for those who cannot go to a “bigger picture” with their experience, I will help them work through the trauma to a more healing perspective.

When I have hypnotically taken an individual to the death sequence and they pass over, they speak about their lessons and learning from that life. And when contemplating a new life they take this into consideration.

Michael Newton in his books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls discusses soul groups and how they choose to interact with each other for learning, even to being the perpetrator in one life to the victim in another, as a growth exercise. Newton was initially skeptical about the material he collated. He has regressed hundreds of people to their “in between lives” state as souls, and they describe what happens to them as souls. The fact is despite what belief system they have, they all come up with strikingly similar material.

Tony: What about endoscope examinations?

Mary: Endoscopes are used as a medical exam just as in human hospitals. So this information changes what people feel about the experience. It seems to make a lot of sense to them.

Tony: I suppose it depends on how painful the whole thing is. People tend to not mind painless tests.

Mary: I agree but maybe on some level they want the memory of the pain to be a reminder that this is a reality so that it’s not dismissed. It could be another way of waking people up.

Tony: That’s very gnostic. One of the central teachings of the gnostics was that humanity is asleep and needs to be awakened so that their return to the transmundane deity might commence. Gnostic myths would often include some sort of saviour figure to awaken sleepers.

Mary: Yes. I believe this experience acts like a “trigger” to an awakening of consciousness. I think the “saviour” is our self. People realise this when they are ready to take on that truth.

Kenneth Ring in his book Beyond Omega states that the UFO phenomenon is a evolutionary shamanic experience to “wake us up.”

There is some evidence (see Dr Stephen Greer’s Disclosure Project) that some of the more negative interactions are not necessarily of ET origin, but a human manipulated ET experience to give us a negative view of ETs.

This is one of the hidden human agendas concerning a cabal to discredit the whole ET phenomenon and lead us into fear of them so that we will accept the “Star Wars” program. It’s a very complex phenomenon. Whether we like this or not, it’s part of the human/ET phenomenon and the cover up.

There is no doubt some individuals have experienced trauma from their encounters. But in my research, perhaps as many as 60-70 %, have the more positive encounter experiences. And even with those who are traumatised, often when they understand their encounter experiences they can change their mind into a positive framework. They discover a consentient, even pre-life, agreement to the encounters and the gain of greater awareness that follows such interaction, which often negates their previous fears. They may discover they have had a healing on the craft or that they are being “taught things,” and that the experience is for their ultimate growth and awakening.

Tony: I’ve heard of pre-life agreements in New Age circles, but have never heard of them applied to abduction scenarios.

Mary: This is because many Ufological researchers, just don’t go there or ask such questions. Their focus is information to fit their third dimensional and scientific research. They are not therapists and do not have this person-centred focus. My mandate has always been to help the individual make sense of their “journey” first. Research comes second to that.

I help clients to trust and honour the wisdom of the super-conscious self and what it reveals to them for their personal growth and understanding. In regression I ask if on any level the individual has “consented” to such an experience and it’s fascinating to discover that often they have consented, as I said often it’s a pre-birth agreement. This is a most important question for their personal growth as you must realise it takes them from “victimhood” to being aware of their own multidimensional life/soul journey. I ask my clients to go with their personal feelings rather than what others tell them, and to trust that inner resonance.

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Tony: Skeptics believe that the whole abduction phenomenon can be explained through a combination of sleep paralysis and hallucination, with hypnotists implanting false memories by imposing their belief system on experiencers.

Mary: Yes, I know about the false memory syndrome and obviously one has to be careful with the technique and not lead the client. But having said that I have tried an exercise where I have deliberately tried to lead the client, but they would have none of it and corrected me. So I don’t think it’s as easy to mislead or implant as it’s made out to be.

There are many misconceptions related to hypnosis. For many, the alpha state is no more trance-like than watching an absorbing program on TV. It is firmly believed too, that no hypnotist can get any individual to act against his or her will.

In truth, I ask the client what they see, I don’t tell them what to see. This process helps them to re-visit the experience. Often both I and the client have been amazed at the information that we have obtained.

Dr. John Mack (former Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard University) said he believed that information gained by hypnosis was even more accurate than conscious memory as the conscious memory can edit out what it doesn’t want to acknowledge. I agree with him.

Tony: Skeptics will criticise anything received in an altered state, claiming it to be dream-like.

Mary: Skeptics can say what they like, and why does “dream like” make the data incorrect? Many of them haven’t worked in this field and so it’s like a soldier telling a surgeon how to operate! All I know is the material makes sense to the individual and often I have other individuals who will confirm this data in their altered state. As I said before, I look for patterns of data.

None of the hypotheses of skeptics explain:

  • metallic implants in the body (for example those removed by surgeon Dr. Roger Leir in The Aliens and the Scalpel);
  • marks on the body that fluoresce under ultraviolet light;
  • 18 month old children who remember being taken, who are clearly not Star Trek fanatics or having sleep paralysis;
  • many people “taken” are not asleep, as it can happen in broad daylight when driving a car;
  • “missing time” episodes;
  • whole families are sometimes involved.

There is a story of one 18 month old child going to a bookcase, taking out a book on Alien Abductions, and telling her mum “this is the man who comes and gets me.” At eighteen months of age, they don’t listen to talk shows! The kid’s testimony is profound. I speak about this more during my presentations and in my book in the chapter on Star Kids.

Regarding missing time, some people may feel disorientated and be aware on some level something happened but that’s all. It’s fascinating and many times through regression you find out what happened to them. Sometimes they find themselves in the same spot and sometimes many kilometres away. Some of these people have flashbacks to the events which can happen when “buttons” are pressed in everyday life such as being in a lift, or faced with an injection, or at the dentist’s. These traumas can take them back to the images of an alien craft (there is a detailed questionnaire in my book). Phobias such as arachnophobia or agoraphobia can sometimes be related to this experience. Hypnosis is the most useful tool, although many do have conscious memories on the craft.

Tony: I have come across multiple references to Dr. Leir’s book. It’s funny that some people say there are implants whereas the skeptics say there are none.

Mary: Exactly, they haven’t done their research. Leir’s work is fully documented. I actually know Roger very well and had him come over from the USA to speak at Perth’s first Hidden Truths conference two years ago.

Tony: Once you have physical implants, then all the psychological theories go out the window – to explain all cases that is. You then have to admit the reality of the abduction phenomenon for at least some people.

Mary: Exactly, that’s it. But it’s amazing how even this fails to convince some people. It’s because of fear! Fear of change, and of having to re-appraise reality perspectives. But all experiencers have to do that to survive.

Tony: Have you been abducted? Is this perhaps what got you onto your path of helping others?

Mary: This is a question I have been asked many times. The truth is I have not been “consciously” aware of being taken. I do not have the classic indicators but that does not mean I have not. Some individuals I know have told me they have seen me on an alien craft and two of my children certainly have “indicators,” so it’s more than possible. I do know that I have absolutely no fear of “them” or this phenomenon at all.

Tony: The thing that strikes me about the whole UFO abduction phenomenon is that so much of it is dream-like.

Mary: I believe that ETs use this altered dream-like state to access people. If they were fully conscious they may well resist and many say that the “grays” particularly are very physically vulnerable. But those who have the experience say it’s not like a normal dream, and so they know the difference.

Tony: Much has been written about alien breeding programmes aimed at producing a hybrid race. The “Star Kids” are supposed to be one result of these programmes.

Mary: Certainly I believe many ET races are interested in our genetic make up because many of them have been involved in it right from the beginning. See Zecharia Sitchin’s work The Earth Chronicles.

We have a reptilian part to our brain, and so many believe they have a genetic mix with the reptilian/lizard species of ETs.

Many experiencers who have interacted with ETs say they have felt love and emotion from some of them. I believe we have reached a critical time in our evolution and the sense is that if we don’t get it right we could destroy ourselves before we become part of the galactic community. I don’t fear that “they” will wipe us out, but that we will do it to ourselves. We have so much growing up to do, I just hope we get it before it’s too late.

When I talk at conferences I find people very interested in the New Human Star Child hypothesis. The main interest is from older individuals who are seeing that the children being born now are different, so it fits with their experience.

The Star Kids are aware that they are a mix of human and ET genes. They are here to help mankind to make an evolutionary leap though “interaction” with them. They are bringing the frequencies for this to happen. Many of these Star Kids know their mission, although they find it difficult being in the density of their physical body.

Dr. Leir believes that changes in humans with respect to higher psychological functioning (i.e. walking, talking, etc) from 40 years ago are accelerated up to 60-80%, and this is occurring from birth. He believes that this is due to alien intervention in our body and minds (not better pre-natal care or exposure to complex machinery). Logically the pollutants in our atmosphere and food would see a diminishing of this, but it seems despite these handicaps we are still evolving.

We are all seeking, at some level, a raising of consciousness, we are all helping each other until we all get there (i.e. the hundredth monkey syndrome). I believe the Star Kids are here to help on that consciousness level.

My DVDs feature scripts, languages and artwork produced by Star Kids, as they act as a conduit for it. This material is of a holographic multidimensional nature and many people feel different after viewing it.

Mary Rodwell is a contributor to New Dawn Special Issue Vol 11 No 2 which examines theories about alien interference in human affairs and the UFO mystery. Click here for more information and to purchase your copy.

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This article was published in New Dawn 97.
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MARY RODWELL is founder and principal of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN). She is also a co-founder and director of The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research Into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE). Former nurse, midwife, counsellor, hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, international speaker, researcher, Mary Rodwell is author of the book Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact can Transform Your Life (2002) and The New Human: Awakening to Our Cosmic Heritage (2016). Mary’s research has involved over 3,000 cases of Encounters with Non Human Intelligences (NHI), research qualified by the in-depth surveys conducted by FREE. For further information, visit;; Email:

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