Hi-Tech Mass Deception: Are We Being Prepared for a False Flag ET Takeover?

From New Dawn Special Issue Vol 11 No 2 (April 2017)

The following article, published in 2017, discussed developments in holographic technology in the context of false flag events and manipulation of the public. All the more important to keep this in mind in light of recent images of UFOs buzzing US warships, and a renewed push by intelligence agencies to control the UFO narrative.

Be afraid! Be very afraid! That, apparently, is how the powers that be have wanted us to react to a continuous series of deceptive ‘false flag’ events perpetrated on the public for many years. According to Prof. Lance deHaven-Smith, author of Conspiracy Theory in America: “The term false flag describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that activities appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.”1 

Contemporary events that can be labelled as ‘false flag’ include the 1933 Reichstag fire in Berlin that was blamed by the Nazis on the Communists; “the proposed, but never executed, 1962 Operation Northwoods plot by the US Department of Defense for a war with Cuba involved scenarios such as fabricating the hijacking or shooting down of passenger and military planes and the sinking a US ship in the vicinity of Cuba”2; and more recently, the events of September 11, 2001. 

It now appears we face the imminent danger of a bogus invasion by extraterrestrials. Advances in technology allow for such a scenario to seem authentic. So say a number of experts in fields as varied as physics and politics. In this brief exposé, we will explore what those experts are telling us.

Dr. Steven Greer’s Latest Findings

Dr. Steven Greer, Ufologist & founder of The Disclosure Project, has repeatedly warned about the possibility that powerful covert interests could stage a false flag alien invasion.

A year ago, in the March-April 2016 issue of New Dawn, I reported on a talk given on 21 November 2015, in Washington, DC, by Dr. Steven Greer on “How the Secret Government Works: UFO’s and the Deep National Security State.” Almost exactly one year later, Dr. Greer gave another lecture in Las Vegas, Nevada, entitled “The Cosmic False Flag,” in which he expanded his message to include information on how covert interests have been laying the foundation for a false flag alien threat and a potential militaristic takeover of the Earth since shortly after World War 2.3 

He detailed reports received from credible, inside sources that, beginning as early as the 1940s, technologies have been developed under para-military Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs) to stage false alien abductions, animal mutilations, and seemingly real UFO encounters to plant seeds of fear in order to condition and prepare the world for the coming hoax of an alien threat. The purpose of such a threat is to make it possible to establish a much talked about New World Order (NWO). 

This is exactly what Dr. Wernher von Braun told his assistant, Dr. Carol Rosin, before he died. He predicted that after (1) the “threat” of Communism during the Cold War there would be (2) a manufactured threat of global terrorism from rogue nations of concern, then (3) threat of a world catastrophe from an asteroid impact,4 and, after that, (4) the staged enactment of a takeover by ETs. Von Braun was personally familiar with the secret technologies the West obtained from Nazis who were taken from Germany to the US as part of Operation Paperclip at the end of World War 2.

Developed much further since that time, these technologies include anti-gravity vehicles, electromagnetic field systems that can materialise objects by trans-dimensional means, and various psychotronic weapons that affect human consciousness. Greer mentions in his recent talk the perfection of holographic systems that appear very, very real. He says these systems are “in the hands of true psychopaths in the covert programs: the military-industrial-gangbankster-global complex of fascists who are desperate to have WW3 be interplanetary.” 

Digital Tricks and Project Blue Beam

In addition to Dr. Greer, there are numerous others who have been conveying similar warnings: William Arkin in the 1 Feb 1999 edition of The Washington Post talked about voice “morphing” technology developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.5 He mentions what he calls “tricks of the digital age” employed as special effects in Hollywood, like Tom Hanks appearing to shake hands with US President Kennedy in the movie Forrest Gump. Used by the military, such techniques can become PSYOPS (Psychological Operations) seeking to exploit human vulnerabilities. 

For instance, projected holographic images were proposed but not used to simulate the appearance of Allah floating in the sky over Baghdad in 1990 during the First Gulf War. 

Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer: “…their plan is an empire greater in size and power than any empire before it…. It will end all government pretence of government of, by and for the people. It will be a dictatorship… of the privileged elite.”

Most recently, Mike Adams of Natural News in a 12 Feb 2017 article cites a number of UFO experts who are “warning about what might be the most bizarre event in human history: A ‘cosmic false flag’ where… desperate governments of the world stage a massive fake alien invasion to finally complete their goal of ensuring total human obedience under a never-ending ‘the aliens are coming’ false flag hysteria.”6 He refers us not only to the work of Steven Greer, but includes a link to a video from author/activist Mark Dice who talks about Project Blue Beam which uses what’s called the radio frequency hearing effect to beam and modulate non-directional voices into peoples’ inner ears.7 Dice reminds us that in the 1980s US President Ronald Reagan suggested before the United Nations General Assembly that perhaps we needed an alien invasion to bring the world together by uniting to fight a common enemy. 

Mike Adams’ article also includes a link to a video by former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer who echoes a similar warning.8 Hellyer talks about the “deep state” power of corporations, intelligence agencies, US military, and weapons manufacturers whose “collective power is incalculable. And their plan is an empire greater in size and power than any empire before it…. It will end all government pretence of government of, by and for the people. It will be a dictatorship… of the privileged elite.”

New Dawn’s Interview with Norio Hayakawa

Norio Hayakawa: “If there really exists a global cabal whose long-term plan is to enforce a global government, the most logical way to carry out this plan would be to create an absolutely convincing need for such an authority.”

In a New Dawn interview a few years ago with Ufologist Norio Hayakawa, he echoed the belief of Dr. Jacques Vallee that the UFO phenomenon is real but cautions us that we cannot assume it has to do with extraterrestrial visitations.9 Hayakawa went on to suggest that, “it could even be a momentary, holographic intrusion from some form of ‘parallel intelligence’… some form of ‘time-slip’, interdimensional ‘accident’. We just do not have the answer at the present time,” he said. 

Hayakawa adds: “The late Canadian investigative journalist Serge Monast… was the first to come up with the allegation [in 1993] that NASA will develop this [Project Blue Beam] technology…. HAARP, which began to be talked about in the early 1990s, was basically another version of Project Blue Beam, utilising some of the Tesla technologies…. If there really exists a global cabal whose long-term plan is to enforce a global government, the most logical way to carry out this plan would be to create an absolutely convincing need for such an authority.” 

Hayakawa mentioned the work being done at Los Alamos, Sandia, White Sands, and Dulce, all in New Mexico. He also reminded us of the related work of famous conspiracy theorist William ‘Bill’ Cooper and of the claims of Robert ‘Bob’ Lazar who says he took part in a top secret government project at Nevada’s Area 51 to reverse-engineer recovered ET spacecraft. (It is interesting to note that Hayakawa and others point to military projects to create holographic projectors for psychological warfare as the probable method used to create the ‘Arizona Lights’ on 13 March 1997.)

An Independence Day Scenario

 In the 1996 movie Independence Day, Earth is invaded by aliens and attacked.  Could the spectacular visual effects in such movies be applied in the real world?

Christopher L. Ruby, who calls himself a holistic visionary and runs the Heartcom Network and radio show, has a page on his website that addresses many ramifications of Project Blue Beam.10 He takes a religious bent in predicting one of the goals of the fake alien takeover will be to discredit organised religions in favour of a one world faith, thereby causing further religious wars on our planet wiping out a large segment of the population. He points to media attempts to condition us to both fear ETs and submit to their takeover – programs such as the SciFi Channel’s 2002 Steven Spielberg 10 episode miniseries Taken; the 2002 M. Night Shyamalan science fiction thriller starring Mel Gibson about crop circles called Signs; the Star Trek and Star Wars series; and even the Stanley Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odyssey

While such movies as Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) and E.T. (1982), as well as the recent highly acclaimed Arrival stress peaceful communication with aliens, they can be contrasted with early films like The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) and War of the Worlds (1953) as well as the more recent Alien series of sci-fi horror movies, all of which scared the heck out of this writer, especially at a young age. While there are many more flicks I’ve not mentioned, perhaps the most obvious and glaring example of impending alien invasion is the movie Independence Day (1996) starring Will Smith. 

In short, it’s becoming increasingly clear we’ve been conditioned to be afraid of extraterrestrials over a very long period of time.

On his website, Christopher Ruby gives details about existing technology that can cause earthquakes at specific points on the planet and that can erupt volcanoes. He also describes how it’s now possible to produce gigantic “space shows” with 3-D optical holograms and sounds projected from satellites onto what’s called the sodium layer about 60 miles above Earth’s surface. The sodium layer refers to a layer within the Earth’s mesosphere of unbound, non-ionized atoms of sodium that comes from the ablation of meteors. 

Advances in Mind Control Techniques

From an audio perspective, we know that a combination of electromagnetic radiation and hypnosis has been the subject of research since the 1970s. Ruby quotes a researcher named G.F. Shapits who said back in 1974 that, “…the spoken words of the hypnotist may also be converted by electromagnetic energy directly to the subconscious part of the human brain without employing any mechanical device for receiving or transcoding the message, and without the person exposed to such influence having a chance to control the information input consciously.” 

This possibly indicates that many of the mass shootings we have seen in recent decades are the result of such influence on what can be referred to as ‘Manchurian Candidates’. I believe it is safe to say those poor unfortunates can be presumed ‘Guinea Pigs’ for testing these deplorable weapons. While we know the Soviets experimented a great deal with that kind of weaponry, it would be a mistake to think the Western powers as well as China have not also perfected and exploited such telepathic instruments. 

In January 1991 the University of Arizona hosted a conference entitled “The NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Current and Emergent Phenomena and Biomolecular Systems” at which attendees were warned about the potential abuse of their research findings.11 In fact, we now know there is equipment in operation at the CIA and the FBI that treats the human brain and neuro-muscular systems with ultra-low frequency radiation pulses. Perhaps it’s possible to make the blind see, the deaf hear, and the lame walk. But we may never know. Instead, it is more likely that a statement made in an April 1970 Psychology Today article entitled “Criminals Can Be Brainwashed – Now” by University of Michigan psychologist Dr. James V. McConnell is true.12 Dr. McConnell is quoted as saying, “The day has come when we can… gain absolute control over an individual’s behaviour.”

Ruby’s website also points us to other work being done in this area: 

Lt. Col. John B. Alexander (ret.) has studied UFOs, the paranormal, and mind control techniques.
  • Loral Electro-Optical Systems in Pasadena, California, has developed a transmitter for the US Air Force that broadcasts at the same frequency as the human nervous system. 
  • The US Department of Defense has a number of publications on extremely low-frequency (ELF) scalar mind control weapons. 
  • Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Robert Becker wrote a book entitled The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life which details the dangers to humans of electro-magnetic fields. 
  • A 1978 book by James C. Lin, Ph.D., called Microwave Auditory Effects and Application, describes research into pulse-modulated microwave-induced auditory effects. 
  • Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, an American chemist and spymaster, was best known for his involvement in the 1950s and ‘60s with assassination attempts and the mind control program known as Project MK-Ultra. 

The December 1980 edition of the US Army’s Military Review featured an article by Lt. Col. John B. Alexander entitled “The New Mental Battlefield: Beam Me Up, Spock” in which he stated: “If it is possible to feed artificial thought into the multigenic field via satellite, the mind control of the entire planet is now possible. An individual’s only resistance would be to constantly question the motivation behind their thoughts and not act upon thoughts which they consider to be outside their own ideological, religious and moral boundaries.” (Emphasis added)

Combatting the Inevitable

The now retired Col. Alexander, who figures prominently in the 2004 movie about the US Army’s studies of military applications of the paranormal, entitled The Men Who Stare at Goats, gives us a hint of how we can try to combat the effects of such mind control operations (re-read the italicised text above from Col. Alexander’s article). 

Dr. Greer emphasises we must educate ourselves about the possibilities of these new weapons. For instance, even though the level of classified holographic technology can now produce an image a thousand times better than that of Michael Jackson dancing on stage seen a couple of years after his death, we need not be fooled! “Question everything,” Greer implores. 

The new technologies outlined above don’t have to be used in perpetual warfare. They can be used for the benefit of mankind to provide unlimited amounts of energy that make obsolete dirty fossil fuels and nuclear power. Only the few who control those sources of energy benefit from keeping us enslaved to them. 

Holographic image of the late Michael Jackson “performing” during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on 18 May 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Paul Hellyer claims we’ve been given only a few months, not a few years, to change. He believes that if a critical mass of five million people read his book, The Money Mafia: A World in Crisis, change will start.13 In it, he recommends an end to private bankers’ control of money by establishing a publicly owned US central bank; full disclosure of the secret government; acknowledging our real relationship to extraterrestrials; the release of patents on free-energy systems; a concerted effort to restore the oceans and the forests; and full disclosure of the technologies presently being used for weather modification (chemtrails) like HAARP. 

But, perhaps most important for all of us to see will be Dr. Greer’s next effort, Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the Greatest Secret in Human History,14 a new movie that seeks to cover more of what we have discussed in this brief article, and give us additional mental ammunition to fight off Project Blue Beam or any other mind control weapons that are designed to fool us into believing we’re in danger of being invaded by hostile aliens. 

This article was published in New Dawn Special Issue Vol 11 No 2.
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