Whistleblowers, Dimensional Travellers & Underwater Shenanigans

From New Dawn Special Issue Vol 17 No 4 (Aug 2023)

On 11 June 2023, an interview with David Grusch, a retired member of the United States National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, was aired by NewsNationin which he revealed that the United States was in possession of “spacecraft from another species.”

Grusch was also part of the Pentagon group tasked with identifying UFOs – now formally labelled UAP (unexplained aerial phenomenon) – and during that time he was approached by staff who described to him the retrieval of “fragments” of UFOs as well as “intact and partially intact” craft. He was told that analysis of these fragments revealed they were of non-human origin. Grusch confirmed that bodies of extraterrestrial beings had also been retrieved, thereby adding one more story to the 70-plus years of military testimony and UFO research that has been debunked, disparaged and diminished by a scurrilous media and a largely incredulous global public.

Unfortunately the great gaping hole in Grusch’s testimony is the fact that his statements are based on hearsay. Grusch did not produce any evidence to back up his allegations, and he has not made any moves to disclose the evidence that he says he has seen. His credibility comes from the fact that he is a former intelligence officer with high clearance. One other point in his favour is that he has commenced legal proceedings against the US Department of Defense (DoD) over the government cover-up of UFO information in what he calls a “sophisticated disinformation campaign targeting the US populist [sic] which is extremely unethical and immoral.” Unsurprisingly the DoD is denying Grusch’s claims.

For reasons yet unknown, Grusch selected Ross Coulthart to host his interview. Coulthart is a prize-winning ex-60 Minutes journalist with 30 years of newspaper and television reporting behind him. Unfortunately, Coulthart’s innocence on the topic is clearly on display, along with a peculiar Cheshire-cat grin of surprise that such things as crashed UFOs and retrieved occupants are real. If Grusch had selected an established UFO researcher to interview him, and if the interview questions had not been vetted by the DoD, the questions – and more importantly the answers – would have been much more revealing.

Despite all the hype, David Grusch is merely the most recent in a long line of Chicken Littles telling us the sky is about to fall. To paraphrase his statements:

  • UFOs are real;
  • UFOs have crashed and their wreckage has been analysed and reverse-engineered;
  • ETs have been retrieved, both dead and alive;
  • Not all ETs are friendly and some may have murdered human beings;
  • Some UFOs may be interdimensional constructs;
  • Black Ops pursuant to UFO retrievals have been established and are ongoing;
  • Governments of the world have engaged in a disinformation campaign designed to keep the world in blissful ignorance;
  • Some people have been murdered by the US government to keep the UFO secret.

The Interdimensional Hypothesis

Whether we believe Grusch is legitimate or not – and to be fair, he has engaged a lawyer and taken refuge behind whistleblower protection laws – everything he has said is ostensibly true. During his interview, he takes pains to repeat things that he wants us to pay attention to. Early in the interview, he tells us that he doesn’t want to pin down a specific place of origin for UFOs, saying instead that “…maybe they’re coming from a different physical dimension as described in quantum mechanics. We know there’s extra dimensions…” and “…there most likely are physical, additional spatial dimensions. And you can imagine, 4- and 5-D space where what we experience as linear time ends up being a physical dimension in higher dimensional space… it could be that this is not necessarily extraterrestrial, and [it’s] actually coming from a higher dimensional physical space that might be co-located, you know, right here.”

In December 2020, former CIA Director John Brennan said something similar in a statement that some UFOs might be “some type of phenomenon that is the result of something that we don’t yet understand and that could involve some type of activity that some might say constitutes a different form of life.”

Dr J. Allen Hynek (1910-1986) of Project Blue Book fame.

Did Brennan mean a ‘different form of life’ from somewhere on Earth, or from somewhere a bit more etheric?

J. Allen Hynek was also of this opinion, stating in 1975: “There could be [another] universe with different quantum rules or vibration rates. Our own space-time continuum could be a cross-section through a universe with many more dimensions… we always think of another universe [as] someplace else. Maybe it’s right here.”

A few years earlier, Jacques Vallee had already suggested ET intelligences were an ancient phenomenon, living in an alternate reality that co-existed alongside our own.

The Borderland Sciences Research Association

The idea of UFOs originating from another dimension is hardly new. During the 1950s when George Adamski was greeting our 3-dimensional space brothers in the California desert, a group of researchers not very far away were working towards another hypothesis entirely.

Newton Meade Layne (1882-1961), founder of the Borderland Sciences Research Association.

Newton Meade Layne began his research into esoteric matters in 1931, and later went on to found the Borderland Sciences Research Association (BSRA) in order to more formally research ‘borderland sciences’, an area of study which these days dovetails neatly into modern quantum physics.

Meade’s interests became full-blown psychic research around 1945 when he met Mark Probert, a trance medium who was in contact with approximately 15 deceased persons – among them Lao Tzu and Thomas Jefferson – who provided channelled information on the nature of flying saucers.

In 1947 it was reported that a pilot had seen a formation of UFOs near Mt Rainier – this was Kenneth Arnold’s seminal sighting of nine crescent-shaped craft, which kicked off the modern wave of UFO interest. This was of no surprise to Layne, as in 1946 Probert had already begun channelling information on the nature of UFOs, which they termed “Aeroforms” or “Emergents.” The information stated that “flying saucers and their inhabitants [come] from another plane of existence, a denser one, and only reached our world by changing their vibrations. They were not crafts from outer space, or delusions, but the interpenetration of planes of existence.”

Layne’s book that mentions “emergents.”

Layne’s etheric UFOs are defined as follows: “The Aeroforms are for the most part emergents. That is, they emerge into our plane of perception from a frame of reference which is different from our own. This process can also be described as a conversion of energy and a change of vibratory rate. When this change is effected, the disc or saucer becomes visible and tangible. …It amounts to a process of materialisation and dematerialisation. …[J]ust as there is a spectrum of sound and colour, there is also a spectrum of tangibility [and] the discs come out of worlds of substance a hundred thousand times more dense than the matter [we] perceive with our senses.”

It was also made clear that while there are indeed physical craft like the ones encountered by Adamski, “the majority of UFOs are etheric in nature, and not of [our] dimension.”

Humans supposedly occupy three dimensions, or what we call 3-D space. However, as Time is counted as its own dimension, then technically we are really 4-D beings – although who is to say there are not intelligences living a 3-D existence minus the 4-D complication of Time? According to String Theory, there could be 10, 12 or even 20 extra dimensions concurrent with our plane of existence, and there could well be intelligences occupying 7-D or 8-D or even 20-D space. The complicating factor is that all these dimensions are nested together – i.e. our own existence includes 1-D, 2-D and 3-D space, which means that a 5-D world encompasses 1, 2, 3, and 4-D space as well, which may make higher dimensions inherently unstable. David Grusch specifically nominated 5-D in his interview – make of that what you will.

Mysterious metals

In his article “Mat and Demat: Etheric Aspects of the UFO,” Layne explores the substance of UFOs more deeply. He says: “When the energy conversion takes place, the aeroform becomes visible and tangible. It appears to be and definitely is what we call solid substance, and so remains until the vibratory rate is again converted. The ‘steel’ of a landed disc is an etheric steel and its copper is etheric copper since the prototypes of all our metals exist in etheric matter; nevertheless, chemical analysis has shown certain radical differences.”

This presages Grusch’s statement about, “…extremely strange, heavy, atomic metal… arrangements that we don’t understand, you know, what the emergent properties are, but there’s just a very strange mix of elements.”

This sounds a lot like somebody trying to describe metal that is not quite like our metal – similar enough to appear familiar, but different enough to appear entirely extraterrestrial. Is this how etheric metal would translate into human terms once it had emerged into our 3-D space? (And it has not gone unnoticed that Grusch used the words “emergent properties,” which may or may not be a nod to Meade Layne’s theory of “emergent”….)

The Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU) produced a lengthy report on the observations of the infamous ‘Tic-Tac’ UFO – when the US Navy encountered a ‘Tac Tac’-shaped UFO off the coast of California in 2004 – and made a number of points in their paper, including that the characteristics of the ‘Tic Tac’ UFO “bring into question whether the object existed as a physical mass.”

That the ‘Tic-Tac’ possessed some kind of mass is corroborated by its appearance on radar, along with the fact that the pilots engaged visually with the object. However the SCU believe that the object simultaneously did not have mass, as exhibited by the object’s extreme acceleration, the instantaneous direction changes observed, and the apparent lack of atmospheric interaction during acceleration.

If that’s the case, then it corroborates Dave Grusch’s claim that at least some of these objects may be interdimensional, and also supports Meade Layne’s channelled information that UFOs are ‘emergent’ in our realm, capable of altering their vibrational rate so that their etheric craft are able to pass through water and solid earth as easily as a jumbo jet passes through air.

The ‘Tic-Tac’ video is mentioned about 20 minutes into the Grusch interview. He states only that it was “[t]ruly anomalous, absolutely. Technical vehicle, physical, and that’s absolutely something that we didn’t make.” Grusch’s categorisation of the ‘Tic-Tac’ as being a physical vehicle as opposed to a non-physical vehicle is telling when he has been at such pains to alert us to the possibility of interdimensional craft. Clearly, there are two types of UFOs plaguing our planet, the corporeal and the incorporeal, and it’s a distinction that Grusch is careful to make.

But what Grusch – and everybody else – ignores about the ‘Tic-Tac’ event is that another object was tracked beneath the ‘Tic-Tac’ on sonar, moving under the surface of the ocean at the impossible speed of 500 knots (950 km/hr).

The underwater speed record by a man-made craft is held by a Russian submarine (in 1969!) and is a mere 44.7 knots (83 km/h).The US Navy is currently developing a submersible that can travel at 100 knots (185 km/h). Only torpedos are capable of travelling faster under water, at around 200 knots (370 km/h). If this is the case, then what could possibly be travelling at 500 knots beneath the ocean?

Artist’s recreation of the Tic-Tac UFO encounter. If it wasn’t for the ‘Tic-Tac’ video leak there would be no US Senate UAP hearings, no DoD All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), no Harvard Galileo Project, and certainly no public platform for the Dave Grusch’s of the world to climb up onto.

Unidentified Submersible Objects (USO)

Unidentified objects flying over and under the oceans are not new and have been reported ever since man set sail on the seas. In 1950 something like a Tic-Tac was reported over the North Atlantic when the crew of a ship witnessed a UFO travelling over the ocean at an altitude of 15-30 metres. It was described by the captain as an “ovular, cylindrical shaped object,” about three metres long. The object was silent as it passed by the ship and was described as having a “churning or a rotary motion.” A crew member added that “it had an elliptical shape and I could clearly see it had three dimensions. It wobbled in the air, made no noise and was a metallic white in colour.”

But the truly interesting stuff is what happens under the water. During the 1947 Kon Tiki expedition, when Thor Heyerdahl and his crew traversed the Pacific from Peru to Polynesia on a raft, two inexplicable submarine anomalies were observed. The first of these was described as follows:

“About two o’clock on a cloudy night, on which the man at the helm had difficulty in distinguishing black water from black sky, he caught sight of a faint illumination down in the water which slowly took the shape of a large animal. …Sometimes it was roundish, sometimes oval or triangular, and suddenly it split into two parts which swam to and fro under the raft independently of one another. Finally there were three of these large shining phantoms wandering around in slow circles under us. They were real monsters, for the visible parts alone were some five fathoms long.”

Heyerdahl attempted to explain this encounter as some kind of enormous phosphorescent sea creature, but a glowing light that is five fathoms (16-17 metres) long, self-illuminated, changes shape from a circle to a triangle and is capable of splitting into two and three parts is in all likelihood not a sea creature. Later on the voyage, Heyerdahl had another mysterious nocturnal encounter, and this time he didn’t even attempt to explain it away:

“[O]n one single occasion we saw the sea boil and bubble while something like a big wheel came up and rotated in the air, while some of our dolphins tried to escape by hurling themselves desperately through space.”

A group of these same ‘wheels’ had been reported sixty years earlier in 1880 in the Persian Gulf, when the crew of a steamer encountered “an enormous luminous wheel whirling around, the spokes of which seemed to brush the ship along. The giant wheels were estimated to be between 460 and 550 metres in diameter. A gleaming light glided along the surface of the sea ahead of the wheels.”

Thirty years after that, in 1909 in the Straits of Malacca, the captain of a steamship reported another “vast brilliantly illuminated revolving wheel, partly submerged beneath the water, with long arms issuing from the centre around which the whole system appeared to rotate.” And one year later, in 1910 in the South China Sea, another steamer captain reported a “horizontal wheel spinning rapidly above the water. The entire crew on watch witnessed the phenomenon. They all felt somewhat uncomfortable as they watched the bright spinning wheel suddenly change direction.”

In 1990 yet another mysterious glowing wheel was reported from Sevastopol when marine scientists in the Black Sea “observed an object that resembled a wheel, as large as a ten-story building, standing vertically underwater. [T]he ‘wheel’ would remain immobile for a while and then move into a horizontal position, rotate, and depart.”

But USOs are not always wheel-shaped. In 1945 a ship returning from Alaska witnessed a large round object approximately 45-75 metres in diameter rising from the sea. It climbed into the sky until it achieved level flight and then turned to circle the ship, moving smoothly and with no sound before disappearing into the distance. In 1962 the Australian warship HMAS Voyager pursued a large submarine object just outside of Jervis Bay. The sonar blip registered an object 100 metres long and accelerating. During the pursuit, Voyager achieved surface speeds of 38-40 knots (70-75 km/h) but was unable to match pace with the underwater object, which finally shot off at a speed that the “sonar operators estimated in the hundreds of knots.”

Over 80% of our oceans remain unmapped and unexplored, and with our current technology humans are incapable of exploring much beyond the 3,000 metre zone. 

What are the USOs?

Whatever technology USOs use to penetrate watery bodies, it is apparent that the molecular structure of water, ice, and even solid ground, is no impediment to their passage. This example, from the Laptev Sea in 1978, is particularly interesting: “…the captain and most of the crew aboard a Soviet destroyer saw a dome-shaped object at an altitude of thirty meters. It sparkled with bright yellow colour and seemed to be semi-transparent. While the object was in view, [the] ship’s navigation system ceased to function. After a while, the UFO slowly descended to the sea’s surface and glided across at great speed – all without disturbing the surface of the water.”

Whether this indicates that a USO is able to alter the molecular structure of water so that it behaves in ways we have not observed water to behave before, or whether the USO’s own molecular structure is not as solid as it appears, is still open to conjecture. But it remains a fact that over half of reported UFOs are observed coming out of, going into, or moving under oceans, seas and lakes, and yet these USOs barely rate a mention in most reports on the topic of unidentified objects.

It’s almost as though they are being ignored on purpose, possibly to deflect attention away from what could be the true origin of UFOs or, at the very least, the best hiding place for them. So who or what are behind the USOs?

The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis

Extraterrestrial beings may have established bases beneath our oceans for the simple expedient of the ocean depths being inaccessible to humans. It is an incredible fact that the oceans account for seventy per cent of our planet’s surface, and yet over eighty per cent of the content of those oceans is unknown. This means that the vast majority of our planet is not only unexplored but unobserved.

What is known is that the oceans contain the largest geological feature on our planet, a mid-ocean rift system 64,000 kilometres long and 11,000 metres deep, and mountains higher than Mt Everest. The deepest parts of our oceans are completely inaccessible to human eyes, with zero visibility and pressures over a thousand times greater than those on dry land. The bottoms of the seas would be a perfect place for an extraterrestrial civilisation to set up base since man could never discover them there, and it is clear that their craft have no difficulties traversing from the depths to the shallows in an instant. In fact, they exhibit nonchalant ease when moving through mediums from water to air to space and beyond.

Intelligence from the Deep?

Is it possible that the uncharted depths of our oceans harbour an unknown aquatic race endemic to our planet? If you ascribe to Evolution and the belief that all life began in the watery depths, it is not hard to imagine that while we were crawling out of the slime and growing hairy legs, another branch of our original salamander-like state opted to stay in the comfortable embrace of the ocean where they evolved at the same rate as we over the same extended timeframe.

Given the vast array of mystery underwater objects, it would seem that we need to at least consider this as a possibility, since we can no longer deny ‘something’ is down there. This mysterious ‘something’ seems to have been around for as long as we have – if not longer – and it has hidden itself in the very place that we can never hope to go.

The ludicrous reality is that we have more hope of finding intelligent life on Mars than we do of finding it at the bottom of our oceans for the simple expedient of it being relatively easy to get to Mars, and nigh impossible to get to the deepest parts of our seas.

Underwater Bases?

The Tic-Tac encounter took place off the coast of California, in an area renowned for UFO and USO sightings. The area south of Catalina Island is notable for a magnetic anomaly related to three mysterious craters beneath the sea. In addition, in 2014 an unusual ‘geological’ formation off the coast of Malibu was spotted on Google Earth. The structure sits 600 metres beneath the surface of the ocean and is estimated to be 188 metres in height and about 4,500 metres wide. It is oval-shaped with a flat roof and ‘support pillars’, and the ‘entrance’ is about 830 metres wide. It has been suggested that this structure is either a USO base or a military base somehow connected to China Lake Naval Base in the Mojave Desert. It is worth noting that the coast of California is riddled with military bases, with five located in the near-vicinity of this underwater anomaly.

Three years earlier and on the other side of the globe, another underwater anomaly was discovered – the ‘Millennium Falcon’ of the Baltic Sea. Discovered in 2011 by a deep-sea exploration group called ‘Ocean X’, the mysterious object sits just off the coast of Sweden and rests 75 metres down on the ocean floor. In their report, the discoverers described “distinctly artificial features” including what looks like a staircase, and a “circular hole surrounded by a square frame.” Geologists prefer to see this object as a boulder deposited by glaciation, although given its unusual morphology and the fact that the discoverers reported electrical equipment and communication failures when they came within 200 metres of the object, this does not seem likely.

These mysterious anomalies are only very recent discoveries, and they illustrate perfectly the real possibility of artificial structures located beneath our oceans and seas – literally right under our noses.

Nefarious Intent?

Considering that UFO research has been ongoing for decades, and given everything David Grusch said has been said before, the question then becomes: why are people paying attention now?

There have been suggestions that Grusch is a staged whistleblower revealing truths, half-truths, or outright lies in an attempt to make the world believe the USA is in possession of superior technology gleaned from off-world sources – a clever tactic given the world is teetering on the edge of World War Three.

In support of this idea, retired Army Colonel Karl Nell has said that “[Grusch’s] assertion concerning the existence of a terrestrial arms race occurring sub-rosa over the past eighty years focused on reverse engineering technologies of unknown origin is fundamentally correct.”

The fact that this whistleblower story – in comparison to the literally hundreds of whistleblower stories that have come before – is the one to hit the headlines and gain global coverage suggests it has the backing of the same powerful media moguls that greased the Pandemic and slid it down our throats.

Now that we have a perceived UFO ‘threat’, the USA is able to hide behind it in order to increase its surveillance of the world’s skies, from the ground up to and including satellites in near space. NORAD has improved its ability to track highspeed UFOs and made efforts to readjust radar calibrations to better track slower objects at altitude. The surge of high-altitude balloon deaths that we have seen recently may have been in response to this increased surveillance, and UFO occupants should be decidedly alarmed at the US Air Force’s ‘shoot first and ask questions later’ mentality.

There are others who suggest Grusch’s revelations may be the foundation of the next false flag event, priming a world-weary planet for an impending alien invasion – an intergalactic war that will be fought entirely in our heads thanks to the manipulation of the media and the soon-to-be unleashed Project Blue Beam, poised to project holograms of battle-UFOs over a major city near you (see page 19).

Researcher Dr Steven Greer certainly feels that the world is being prepared for a “fake UFO psyop” based on “deliberately constructed false intelligence,” and that we don’t have much longer to wait for it.

The ‘alien invasion’ would be achieved using man-made UFOs that appear so advanced that the world will believe the ‘attack’ is coming from space. Greer believes the UFO false-flag event has been in train for the past seven years and is ramping up for deployment any day now. Grusch’s statements that ETs are murdering humans could well be part of this greater plan, instilling just enough fear for humans to be sufficiently panicked at the sight of a UFO. Greer believes that the increase of UFO information via the media is part of a “slow enculturation” plan designed to prime the globe for an onslaught of these terrifying ‘alien events’.

Even Meade Layne foresaw the use of the UFO phenomenon as a weapon against man, saying in 1950 that “…there is some danger of panic. If these visiting craft are attributed to some foreign and unfriendly government, hostility and fear might develop; and if they are believed to come from some other planet of our solar system, unreasoning and superstitious fear is to be reckoned with, perhaps with a considerable degree of social disintegration.”

In a world where information is used as a weapon of war in increasingly more cunning ways, how can we trust anything we see? Truth vies for supremacy against misinformation and disinformation, and those terms themselves are misinformation and disinformation, like verbal swords designed to cut truth into segments that are easily disposed of.

A mostly ignored possibility are UFOs or Unidentified Submersible Objects hiding in the oceans. These images are from the 2008 film, “The Orion Conspiracy.”

Confusion Reigns

Not long after Grusch spectacularly spilled his beans, Dr Sean Kirkpatrick, the director of the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) made a statement that “AARO has found no credible evidence thus far of extraterrestrial activity, off-world technology, or objects that defy the known laws of physics.” And to counter Grusch’s claims of downed craft, Kirkpatrick stated that “AARO has not discovered any verifiable information to substantiate claims that any programs regarding the possession or reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial materials have existed in the past or exist currently,” thereby refuting Grusch’s claims of downed ET craft, adding to the confusion, and maintaining official secrecy all at the same time.

Before you imagine that AARO has the last word on the UAP phenomenon, it is important to understand that AARO operates under a ‘Title 10’ authority, while the US intelligence community operates under a ‘Title 50’ authority. This means that AARO is unable to force higher authorities to disclose information pertaining to UAP and ultimately “is not a serious investigative body.” In addition, AARO is “facing a funding shortfall that will impede its ability to fulfil its mission,” an alarming state of affairs which saw sixteen senators sign a request to the Deputy Secretary of Defense for increased funding.

We should perhaps be more understanding of Kirkpatrick’s disappointing findings given that AARO is working in an information vacuum and with limited resources. If this situation continues, there is no hope that AARO will ever produce any meaningful findings regarding UAP, which leaves us with the likes of Grusch and his fellow whistleblowers as our sole information source, whatever that information might be worth.

What Next?

Instead of reminding you to watch the skies, I will instead ask that you watch television. Grusch’s confessions have opened a floodgate of follow-up confessions and whistleblowers are popping up to the left and right of us, but so far none of them have offered any tangible proofs. All they have as support are their words, and the slack-jawed endorsement of a naïve (or complicit) media.

But proof, when it comes, will have to be carefully vetted. In our current AI age of information manipulation, how will we be able to believe anything flashed before our eyes? And is it a coincidence that the ‘proofs’ have waited 70 years to be released, coincidentally at the same time this technology is available and when humanity has never been so unsure of reality in its very long lifetime?

If you thought the game had reached its crescendo, then you aint seen nothin’ yet! 

This article was published in New Dawn Special Issue Vol 17 No 4.
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