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New Dawn 122 (September-October 2010)

Preparing World War 3: Target Iran
Prof. Michel Chossudovsky warns humanity is at a dangerous crossroads with war preparations to attack Iran at an “advanced state of readiness.”

Is the End Near?
Esoteric Christianity & the Signs of the Times. Part 1. Analysing the forces that shaped our modern world, Richard Cook wonders where we are headed…

Change: The Only Constant
Freddy Silva uncovers the link between crop circles, temples, the zodiac and 2012, to the cosmic cycles influencing and transforming humanity down the ages.

Hopi Prophecies: Has the Seventh Sign Been Fulfilled?
Seven of the nine signs of the famous Hopi prophecies appear to have come true. How close are we to the final prophecy, asks Lesley Crossingham.

Coming of the Sixth Sun
Mayan Views of a New Cycle. The true value of the Mayan teachings, writes Barbara Sadtler, is found in integrating their wisdom into our hearts and living it.

Rules, the Cons & the Formula of The Great Game
Are you victim of one of the oldest tricks in the book? Rev. Dr. S. D’Montford exposes the lures and traps used by government to control your life.

The Mystery of Gobekli Tepe & Its Message to Us
Robert Schoch introduces an amazing temple complex, dating back to 10,000 BCE, that’s overturned theories and left scientists scratching their heads.

The Secret Message of Barbury Castle Crop Circle
More than a Piece of Pi and Who Left the ‘H’ Out in the Rain? Part 2. Trevor Ward continues his examination of two crop circles which appeared 17 years apart.

Waiting for the End of the World
Rene Guenon & the Kali Yuga. Richard Smoley discusses the idea we are at the end of a long dark age, a time of trouble, forecast by ancient wisdom.