New Dawn Special Issue Vol.8 No.1


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New Dawn Special Issue Vol.8 No.1

Sundaland Rising – Gunung Padang: Indonesia’s Mysterious Lost Civilisation?
By Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D.

Megalithic Origins: Clues Carved in Stone by an Ancient Global Elite
By Hugh Newman

The Enduring Enigma of Tiwanaku & Puma Punku
By Brien Foerster

Lost City of the Ancients Located in Ecuadorian Jungle?
By Bruce Fenton

Gene Savoy & His Search for the Secrets of Vanished Civilisations
An Interview with Sean Savoy

In Search of the Lost City of ‘Z’: The Amazing Real Life Story of Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett
By Larry Orcutt

Decoding the Secrets of the Nebra Sky Disc: Man’s Oldest Portrayal of the Cosmos?
By Howard Crowhurst

Imhotep the African: Architect of the Cosmos
By Thomas Brophy

The Real Atlantis
By Peter Daughtrey

Viral Mythology: How Information was Encoded & Passed Down Through Legend, Art & Architecture
An Interview with Marie Jones & Larry Flaxman

Remnants of the Gods: Impossible Buildings
By Erich von Däniken

The Concept of Civilisation
By Xavier Bartlett