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New Dawn 123 (November-December 2010)

The Bible: Myth or History?
Moses didn’t exist and the Exodus never took place? Little by little, explains Richard Smoley, the Bible’s validity as a source of historical fact has been eroded.

God’s Forgotten Wife
Did God have a wife? Richard Smoley investigates the archaeological and biblical evidence that the ancient Israelites worshipped a feminine deity alongside Yahweh.

Goddesses, Yes – Goddess No!
The Feminine & the Multicentred God Image. Dr. Stephan Hoeller examines the death of the monotheistic god and the emergence of multiple gods & goddesses.

Science Was Wrong
World famous ufologist and nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman speaks out in this interview with New Dawn about scientific cover-ups and deception.

The Dis-Ease of the Western Mind
How did a particular mindset come to dominate the West and distort our thinking process? Ervin Laszlo reveals the symptoms of the dis-ease and its cure.

Psychic Vampires: Are You a Victim?
Encounters with energy predators can leave you exhausted with damage to your mind and body. Joe Slate shows you how to protect yourself.

Camille Flammarion & the Mystery of Death
Robert Schoch introduces one of France’s greatest scientist-celebrity and his quest to discover what lies beyond bodily death.

Signs of the Times – Part II
Gnosticism Then and Now. Richard Cook traces an underground stream of spiritual teachings now manifesting more openly in the modern world.

Yukio Mishima: The Man and the Mythology
Perhaps one of the most tragic figures in 20th century Japan, Mishima committed ritual suicide 40 years ago. Reg Little looks at his intriguing legacy.