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New Dawn 129 (November-December 2011)

Awakening Our True Potential
The untapped potential of every man and woman is immense. Richard Smoley explains the key aspects of self-transformation..

Beyond the Five Senses
The traditional five senses – are these the only way to perceive the world? Robert Schoch examines the powers latent in humankind.

War for Total Control
Adrian Salbuchi uncovers the Big Brother surveillance society that is fast emerging in Australia and around the world.

10 Years After 9/11
Former Australian diplomat Reg Little discusses the all pervasive Counterfeit Culture and the Fall of the US Empire.

From Ancient Egypt to Modern Science
Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince reveal the forgotten link between the scientific revolution and the wisdom of ancient Egypt.

Spirituality is Not Flaky; really
Bernardo Kastrup, once a skeptical professional scientist, shows how cutting edge science and authentic spirituality can be reconciled.

The Chinese Nostradamus
John Chambers introduces the little known man called Liu Ji who made uncannily accurate prophecies about the future of China and the world.

The Science of the Sun
Maurice Cotterell describes how solar cycles shape human personality and much more.

AIDS & the Doctors of Death
The Evidence Trail of a Secret Genocide Plot. Dr. Alan Cantwell exposes HIV/AIDS as a man-made disease secretly produced in a laboratory.