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New Dawn 141 (November-December 2013)

Who Really Rules the World?
Patrick Henningsen investigates the command & control structure of a powerful cabal of super-rich who plot the destiny of humanity.

For Nobody’s Eyes
Nick Redfern speaks to New Dawn on the truth about missing government files & how they shed light on the most enduring conspiracy theories.

Afterlife – Our Real Home
Australian TV & radio presenter Barry Eaton discusses how he came to embrace spirituality, mediumship, and learn what the afterlife is really like.

Healing With Our Pets
The Psychic, Spiritual Connection. Author & journalist Von Braschler explores the many ways people & their pets can help each other heal.

The Medicine of the Future
Recognising that we are all biochemically unique, explains Len Kasten, is one of the foundation stones of the new & exciting practice of Functional Medicine.

The 25,000 Year Cycle
Best selling author & metaphysical teacher David Wilcock on the hidden science embedded in ancient prophecies, history & esoteric teachings.

The Secret History of Astrology
Richard Smoley takes us on a fascinating journey into the enduring role played by astrology in the affairs of humanity.

Living With Spirits
Magic & the Supernatural in Thailand. Daniel Neiman looks at ghost stories of Thailand & how people interact with the spirits of the dead.

Sister Veni Cooper-Mathieson
Pioneer Thinker & Metaphysical Teacher. Walter Mason uncovers the amazing story of one of Australia’s little known early 20th century self-help authors.