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New Dawn 144 (May-June 2014)

Manipulations & Mind Games
The Secret Battle to Control How We Think. Kingsley L. Dennis examines the array of new technologies and techniques designed to influence our thoughts and behaviour.

Celebrities & the Art of Distraction
Mainstream media has become incredibly adept at reporting the mindless, and the worthless, says Patrick Henningsen, while completely ignoring the real news.

Creating a New Paradigm
To discover our deeper purpose in life and help create a better world, writes Fred Burks, we first need to stop being an easily manipulated victim of the global elite.

Controlling the Lens
The Media War Being Fought Over Ukraine Between the Western Bloc & Russia. Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya looks at the emerging new front of the global Information War.

How Free are You? As Free as You Choose to Be
Reclaiming Human Freedom from Modern Science & Philosophy. Steve Taylor overturns common myths to show we do have the power to control and reshape our own lives.

Global Warming or Global Cooling?
Are We Headed for a Mini Ice Age? Incredible as it sounds, explains Ben Davidson, the evidence for much colder conditions in the near future has widely been ignored.

The Power of the Mind to Heal
What ultimately is behind the process of healing? According to Albert Amao, Ph.D., who has extensively researched the topic, the answer may surprise you.

The Code of the Andes
Ancient Technologies, Sacred Medicine & the Teachings of the Q’ero. J.E. Williams takes us into the sacred world of an indigenous community still connected to the ancient past.

Revisiting Joseph Campbell: The Power of Myth
Richard Smoley explores the work of a man who sought answers to the deepest questions of life, and had a huge impact on late 20th century culture, spirituality & ideas.

Embraced by the Light: Journeys to the ‘Other Side’
Rev. Gary W. Duncan ‘escorts’ people into the Light and brings them back, helping them overcome fear of death, and understand what to expect on their journey beyond this life