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New Dawn 91 (July-August 2005)

China’s Challenge to the American Empire
Under the Bush administration, the United States has come to be viewed as an American Empire imposing its policies on the rest of humanity. Now an upcoming nation seeks its rightful place on the world stage. Stephen Kaposi examines China’s rise to global prominence and Washington’s reaction.

The Mystery of the Maya – Part One
The Maya civilisation, that appeared in Mexico around CE 250, is known for building majestic pyramids but also for its bloody sacrificial rites. Author Colin Wilson unravels the mystery of their awe-inspiring astronomy, amazingly accurate calendars, and why Mayan civilisation
suddenly collapsed.

The Magdalene Legacy: Revelations Beyond The Da Vinci Code
The role of Mary Magdalene achieved a new prominence with the publication of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. Best selling author and Biblical scholar Laurence Gardner reveals little known facts on Mary Magdalene’s importance in medieval Europe and why the Church worked so hard to slander her name.

Wise Men From the East
A strange and persistent legend proposes that in some hidden locations on the Earth there exists a group of persons who possess exceptional powers and consciousness. Dr. Stephan Hoeller looks at the role played by these “Masters of Wisdom,” raising the question: Do they live in Himalayan fastnesses or in our own psyches?

The Secret Language of Art
Did artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci encode their works with hidden information? If so, what were they trying to hide? Robert Buratti explores the cryptographic codes and expressions in their paintings, and examines the mysterious “Green Language”.

An Interview With Fred Alan Wolf
The hit film “What the Bleep Do We Know?” tackles some of life’s biggest questions, drawing parallels between the mysteries of quantum physics and some of humankind’s most vexing spiritual queries. David Miller interviews physicist and author Fred Alan Wolf, one of the film’s most animated voices.

New Dawn Interview With Tobias Churton
Tobias Churton is a lively and spirited investigator of that underground stream of the Western tradition known as Gnosticism. In this interview by Richard Smoley, Churton talks about his own experience with Gnosis, the impact of the Gnostic tradition on the world, and how Gnosis is still relevant today.