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New Dawn 95 (March-April 2006)

Beyond the Indigo Children
Author and lecturer P.M.H. Atwater connects the arrival of a new type of children with the Fifth World of the Mayan calendar and mystical revelation. A fascinating look at today’s incredible children and the role many believe they’re destined to play in the dawn of a new era.

The Solomon Keyhole: The Mason-Mormon Connection
Speculation abounds that Dan Brown’s sequel to The Da Vinci Code, to be called The Solomon Key, will highlight the little known link between the Mormons and the Masons. Robert Guffey goes in search of the truth about the origin of the Mormon church and the involvement of Mormon prophet Joseph Smith with the powerful and secretive Freemasonic brotherhood.

The Gnostic Secret of Solomon’s Temple
The story of the Temple of Solomon is central to the mystical traditions found within Judaism, Christianity and Islam. But what do we really know about Solomon’s Temple? Philip Gardiner, after years researching secret societies, reveals the mystery of the Temple.

Before the Fall: Evidence for a Golden Age
Steve Taylor gives convincing evidence that legends of a prehistoric Golden Age have their basis in fact. He challenges the assumptions of the last few centuries and presents a new way to view the human race’s past and future.

Surprising Scientific Evidence for Atlantis
In recent years genetic research has produced unexpected results opening doors to many historical anomalies. Will Hart, author of The Genesis Race, examines the latest DNA investigations sparking a renewed debate about mankind’s origins and development.

Lemuria in Australia & the Pacific
Since at least the late 19th century researchers into Earth’s hidden history have written of the lost continent of Lemuria. A land said to have been located in the Pacific with traces found in Australia and New Zealand. Frank Joseph introduces us to the legendary civilisation of Lemuria, now sunk deep beneath the ocean.

Serpentine Wisdom: An Introduction to the Occult
A challenging and confronting discussion of the role of the occultist, first written in the 1920s by the controversial Italian Baron Julius Evola (1898-1974).

Pavlov’s Gods
Examining history we discover the ‘persecuted’ often turn into the ‘persecutors’. Rev. Max explores the horrifying history of persecution, mind control and manipulation, and its implications for the modern world.