New Dawn Special Issue 3


72 page magazine

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New Dawn Special Issue 3

Hidden History
Exploring the Lost Knowledge of the Ancient World
By Brian Haughton

Nicholas Roerich
Secret Agent of Hidden Masters
By Mikhail Pashkovsky

Mind Parasites and the World of Invisible Spirits
By Louis Proud

A Mystic in Tibet
Alexandra David-Neel
By Brian Haughton

Surprising Encounters with Reincarnation
By Alexandra David-Neel

Is Mental Telepathy Possible?
By Alexandra David-Neel

Reincarnation: Fact or Fantasy?
By Ian Lawton

The Mysterious Madame Blavatsky
By Stephan Hoeller

Esoteric Australia
By Mehmet Sabeheddin

Rosaleen Norton
The Witch of Kings Cross
By Nevill Drury

The Phallus
Sacred Symbol, Magic Power
By Mehmet Sabeheddin

The History of Unknown Men
The Influence of Secret Societies on Exoteric Warfare
By Robert Guffey

The Fuhrer’s Demons
By Herbie Brennan

Ancient Wisdom and Secret Societies
By James Wasserman

Political Secret Societies
The Hidden Paths of Power