New Dawn Special Issue 5


72 page magazine

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New Dawn Special Issue 5

Orbs and Beyond
Is the Veil to the Spirit World Lifting?
By John Pickering & Katie Hall

Crop Circles
Messages from the Future?
By Freddy Silva

Sacred Geometry of Crop Circles
By Freddy Silva

Dark Mission
Richard Hoagland Speaks Out About NASA’s Secret Agenda

A Space of Love
Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars of Russia
By Kostya Kovalenko

Sitchin & the Anunnaki of Sumer
By Neil Freer

The Case of Adam’s Alien Genes
By Zecharia Sitchin

Haunted by Hungry Ghosts
The Joe Fisher Story
By Louis Proud

Allan Kardec and the Way of the Spirit
By Louis Proud

Magic and Mysticism in Java
By Victoria LePage

Twisting the Threads
The Ageless Wisdom of the Western Mystery Tradition
By Joscelyn Godwin