New Dawn Special Issue Vol.13 No.4


72 page magazine

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Articles Inside New Dawn Special Issue Vol. 13 No.4

72 pages • A4 size • Full Color Glossy Magazine
  • Poisons, Processing, Packaging & Propaganda: Secrets of the Food Industry by Sandy Brightman
  • Stop the Modern World Killing You by Helen Cannington
  • Your Health & 5G Technology by Jason Jeffrey
  • Your Toxic Laundry & Shampoo by Ross Bishop
  • Stop Alzheimer’s Killing You: Latest Research & Prevention Strategies by Helen Cannington
  • Age Without Alzheimer’s: Train Your Memory by Dr Ruth Cilento
  • Introducing Chiropractic BioPhysics: Rehabilitating Spine & Posture by Dr Alex Hopwood
  • Myofascial Release: Understanding Chronic Pain & Effective Self-Help Techniques by Amanda Oswald
  • Revolutionary Cell-Reprogramming Discovery by Helen Cannington
  • Why Does Homeopathy Work? by David Orr
  • Introducing Taoist 5-Element Nutrition by Christine Harkness-Giles
  • Neidan: The Lost Secret of Chinese Yoga & Inner Alchemy by Dr Johnathon Dao
  • Exploring the Subtle Energy Body by Maureen Lockhart
  • Spiritual Healing by Joanne Brocas
  • The Breath of Life by Margaret Hargas
  • You Can Heal Your Life: Identifying the Beliefs & Emotions Causing You Pain and/or Illness by Sandy Brightman
  • 12 Life Lessons from a Man Who’s Seen 12,000 Deaths by Deepak Ramola